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Jan-2013Developing Digital Literacy in Construction Management Education: A Design Thinking Led ApproachJupp, JR; Awad, R
Jan-2013Characteristics of Green BIM: Process and information management requirementsGandhi, S; Jupp, JR; Bernard, A; Rivest, L; Dutta, D
Jan-2013Volunteer Tourism and Architecture Students: What motivates and can best prepare them?Awad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR
Jan-2013Green BIM and Green Star certification practices: Case studies in commercial high-rise office designGandhi, S; Jupp, JR; Yiu, TW; Gonzalez, V
Jan-2012Towards a formal evaluation of creativity in parametric design process: a pilot studyLee, J; Gu, N; Jupp, JR; Sherratt, SM; Durling, D; Israsena, P; Poldma, T; Valtonen, A
Jan-2012Readying a developing economy for national performance measurement and benchmarking: A case study of the Jordanian construction industryZaid Alkilani, S; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A; Ural, O; Sahin, M; Ural, D
Jan-2012Paving the road for sustainable construction in developing countries: a study of the Jordanian construction industryZaid Alkilani, S; Jupp, JR; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
Jan-2012Clarifying the Role of Building Information Modeling in Green Building CertificationJupp, JR; Gandhi, S; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
Jan-2012Paving the Road for Sustainable Construction in Developing Countries: A Study of the Jordanian Construction IndustryZaid Alkilani, S; Jupp, JR
1-Dec-2011Parametric modelling and design processes: Exploring synthesis and evaluation using a function-behaviour-structure perspectiveCorey, BP; Jupp, JR
Jan-2011BIM in Tertiary Construction Project Management Education: A Program Wide StrategyForsythe, PJ; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A; Best, R; Langston, C
Jan-2010A network theoretic perspective of decision processes in complex construction projectsJupp, JR; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Shen Geoffrey, QP; Wong, J
1-Sep-2006A qualitative feature-based characterization of 2D architectural styleJupp, JR; Gero, JS