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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2015Exploring gameplay experiences on the oculus riftTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S; Dubravs, C; Si, C
15-Sep-2014Mutual learning as a resource for research designRobertson, T; Leong, TW; Durick, J; Koreshoff, T
1-Jan-2014CopyMe: An emotional development game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
1-Jan-2014What motivates children to play outdoors? Potential applications for interactive digital toolsCumbo, BJ; Jacobs, BC; Leong, TW; Kanstrup, AM
1-Jan-2014Combining think-aloud and physiological data to understand video game experiencesTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S
1-Jan-2014CopyMe: A portable real-time feedback expression recognition game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
18-Dec-2013Weather effects on the patterns of people's everyday activities: A study using GPS traces of mobile phone usersHoranont, T; Phithakkitnukoon, S; Leong, TW; Sekimoto, Y; Shibasaki, R
27-May-2013Revisiting social practices surrounding musicLeong, TW; Wright, P
1-Jan-2013Understanding 'tingle' in opera performancesLeong, TW; Wright, P
1-Jan-2013Approaching a human-centred internet of thingsKoreshoff, TL; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
1-Jan-2013Internet of things: A review of literature and productsKoreshoff, TL; Robertson, T; Leong, TW
31-Dec-2012Values-led participatory design - Mediating the emergence of valuesIversen, OS; Leong, TW
10-Oct-2012Weather Effects on Mobile Social Interactions: A Case Study of Mobile Phone Users in Lisbon, PortugalPhithakkitnukoon, S; Leong, TW; Smoreda, Z; Olivier, P
1-Jun-2012Values-led participatory designIversen, OS; Halskov, K; Leong, TW
1-Mar-2012Experiencing coincidence during digital music listeningLeong, TW; Vetere, F; Howard, S
2012Experiencing Coincidence During Digital Music ListeningLeong, TW; Vetere, F; Howard, S
1-Dec-2011Bridging the affective gap to make news felt: Spaces of aestheticized public voiceBrynskov, M; Leong, TW; Fritsch, J
1-Jan-2011Nudging towards Serendipity: A case with personal digital photosLeong, TW; Harper, R; Regan, T
1-Dec-2010Rekindling values in Participatory DesignIversen, OS; Halskov, K; Leong, TW
1-Dec-2010Understanding experience using dialogical methods: The case of serendipityLeong, TW; Wright, P; Vetere, F; Howard, S