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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Intelligence metasynthesis in building business intelligence systemsCao, L; Zhang, C; Luo, D; Dai, R
1-Dec-2007Mining high impact exceptional behavior patternsCao, L; Zhao, Y; Figueiredo, F; Ou, Y; Luo, D
6-Jul-2006Ontological engineering in data warehousingCao, L; Ni, J; Luo, D
1-Jan-2006Fuzzy genetic algorithms for pairs miningCao, L; Luo, D; Zhang, C
1-Jan-2005A framework for relational link discoveryLuo, D; Luo, C; Zhang, CZ; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
Jan-2005Mining Domain-Driven Correlations in Stock MarketsLin, L; Luo, D; Liu, L; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
Jan-2005Integrative Early Requirements Analysis for Agent-Based SoftwareCao, L; Zhang, C; Luo, D; Chen, W; Zamari, N; Ishikawa, M; Hashimoto, S; Paprzycki, M; Barakova, E; Yoshida, K; Koppen, M; Corne, D; Abraham, A
1-Dec-2004Ontology services-based information integration in mining telecom business intelligenceCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Liu, L
1-Dec-2004Ontology transformation in multiple domainsCao, L; Luo, D; Luo, C; Liu, L
1-Dec-2004Integration of business intelligence based on three-level ontology servicesCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Zhang, C
Jan-2004Hybrid Strategy of Analysis and Control of Telecommunications FraudsCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Zhang, C; Shi, F
1-Jan-2003Systematic engineering in designing architecture of telecommunications business intelligence systemCao, LB; Luo, D; Luo, C; Zhang, CQ; Abraham, A; Koppen, M; Franke, K