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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in SydneyBoydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, JH; Jakubowicz, AH; Searle, GH; Maginn, PJ; Jones, R; Haslam-Mackenzie, F; Boruff, B; Clifton, J; Giles-Corti, B; Khan, S; Martin, G; Paulin, S; Perkins, T; Shaw, BJ; Tonts, M; Van Niel, K
Jan-2009The New Built Environment of Education: Neoliberalism on Trial in AustraliaMartin, G; Dave Hill
Jan-2008"Other-ed" Pedagogy: The Praxis of Critical Democratic EducationSammel, A; Martin, G; Lund, DE; Carr, PR
Jan-2008Neoliberalism, Education and Cost-Effectiveness in State Terror in AustraliaMartin, G; Porfilio, B; Malott, C
Jan-2007The Poverty of Critical Pedagogy: Toward a Politics of EngagementMartin, G; McLaren, P; Kincheloe, J
Jan-2007Marxist Political Praxis: Class Notes on Academic Activism in the Corporate UniversityMartin, G; Green, A; Rikowski, G; Raduntz, H
Jan-2006Remaking critical pedagogy: Peter McLaren's contribution to a collective workMartin, G
Jan-2006Participatory Activist Research (Teams)/Action ResearchMartin, G; Hunter, L; McLaren, P; Tobin, K; Kincheloe, J
Jan-2005You can't be neutral on a moving bus: Critical pedagogy as community praxisMartin, G
1-Aug-2004Engaging in the future of e-learning: A scenarios-based approachBell, M; Martin, G; Clarke, T
Jan-2004Teaching in and against the empire: Critical pedagogy as revolutionary PraxisMcLaren, P; Martin, G; Farahmandpur, R; Jaramillo, N
Jan-2003When absorptive capacity meets institutions and (e)learners: adopting, diffusing and exploiting e-learning in organizationsMartin, G; Massy, J; Clarke, T