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28-Oct-2013Zinc hydroxide sulphate and its transformation to crystalline zinc oxideMoezzi, A; Cortie, MB; McDonagh, AM
1-Oct-2013On the reactivity of zinc hydroxide acetate dihydrate in ethanolMoezzi, A; Cortie, MB; Shimmon, R; McDonagh, AM
30-May-2013On the coalescence of nanoparticulate gold sinter inkCortie, MB; Coutts, MJ; Ton-That, C; Dowd, A; Keast, VJ; McDonagh, AM
1-Mar-2013Formation of zinc hydroxide nitrate by H<sup>+</sup>-catalyzed dissolution-precipitationMoezzi, A; Cortie, M; McDonagh, AM
30-Nov-2012Synthesis and impurity profiling of MDMA prepared from commonly available starting materialsGallagher, R; Shimmon, R; McDonagh, AM
29-Jul-2012Synthesis of unsymmetrical biaryl ureas from N-carbamoylimidazoles: Kinetics and applicationRawling, T; McDonagh, AM; Tattam, B; Murray, M
1-Jun-2012Plasmon Resonances in V-Shaped Gold NanostructuresStokes, N; Cortie, MB; Davis, TJ; McDonagh, AM
15-Mar-2012Zinc oxide particles: Synthesis, properties and applicationsMoezzi, A; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
28-Feb-2012Formation of gold nanorods by a stochastic "popcorn" mechanismEdgar, JA; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
1-Nov-2011Thermal stability of (K<inf>x</inf>Na<inf>y</inf>H<inf>1-x-y</inf>) <inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>6</inf>O<inf>13</inf> nanofibersCortie, MB; Xiao, L; Erdei, L; Kealley, CS; Dowd, AR; Kimpton, JA; McDonagh, AM
27-Sep-2011Organometallic complexes for non-linear optics. 49. Third-order non-linear optical spectral dependence studies of arylalkynylruthenium dendrimersSamoc, M; Corkery, TC; McDonagh, AM; Cifuentes, MP; Humphrey, MG
15-Jul-2011Methods for the enhancement of fingermarks in bloodBossers, LCAM; Roux, C; Bell, M; McDonagh, AM
8-Jun-2011Synthesis and optical properties of hybrid and alloy plasmonic nanoparticlesCortie, MB; McDonagh, AM
21-May-2011Enhancement of latent fingermarks on non-porous surfaces using anti-l-amino acid antibodies conjugated to gold nanoparticlesSpindler, X; Hofstetter, O; McDonagh, AM; Roux, C; Lennard, C
1-Oct-2010Spectrally selective coatings of gold nanorods on architectural glassStokes, NL; Edgar, JA; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
23-Jun-2010Exploiting zinc oxide re-emission to fabricate periodic arraysCoutts, MJ; Zareie, HM; Cortie, MB; Phillips, MR; Wuhrer, R; McDonagh, AM
10-May-2010Quantification method for elemental bio-imaging by LA-ICP-MS using metal spiked PMMA filmsAustin, C; Hare, D; Rawling, T; McDonagh, AM; Doble, P
1-Jan-2010Thin films of a dimeric ruthenium phthalocyanine complex on goldRawling, T; Austin, CE; Zareie, HM; McDonagh, AM
1-Sep-2009Thin films of ruthenium phthalocyanine complexesRawling, T; Austin, CE; Hare, D; Doble, PA; Zareie, HM; McDonagh, AM
17-Apr-2009Ruthenium phthalocyanine-bipyridyl dyads as sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Dye coverage versus molecular efficiencyRawling, T; Austin, C; Buchholz, F; Colbran, SB; McDonagh, AM