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2017-02-01Advancing household water-use feedback to inform customer behaviour for sustainable urban waterLiu, A; Giurco, D; Mukheibir, P
2017-01-01Dynamic Adaptive Management Pathways for Drinking Water Security in KiribatiMukheibir, P; Boronyak-Vasco, L; Alofa, P
2017Shifting to urban sensitive water design – One WaterMukheibir, P
2016-12-01Detailed water-use feedback: A review and proposed framework for program implementationLiu, A; Giurco, D; Mukheibir, P; White, S
2016-07-26Dynamic Adaptive Management Process - Supporting Community Adaptation to Water Shortages in KiribatiMukheibir, P; Boronyak, L
2016-05-31A whole of water approach for the city of SydneyMukheibir, P; Currie, L
2016-05-18Are we doing the right thing? Critical questioning for city sanitation planningAbeysuriya, KR; Kome, A; Carrard, N; Mukheibir, P; Willetts, J
2016-01-01Recycled water – Lessons from Australia on dealing with risk and uncertaintyTurner, A; Mukheibir, P; Mitchell, C; Chong, J; Retamal, M; Murta, J; Carrard, N; Delaney, C
2016-01-01Urban water conservation through customised water and end-use informationLiu, A; Giurco, D; Mukheibir, P
2016A guide to septage transfer stationsMukheibir, P
2015-12-01Consultative multi-criteria decision making process for drought securityMukheibir, P; Cole, C; Drinkwater, K; Abeysuriya, K
2015-09Integrating One Water into urban liveabilityMukheibir, P
2015-06Pressure management leak reduction assessmentMohr, S; Mukheibir, P
2015-06Institutional Challenges for Achieving a Whole of Water Approach – The City of Sydney ResponseMukheibir, P; Currie, L; Harmancioglu, N; Centinkaya, C; Gul, A; Barbaros, F; Guven, S
2015-05-01Institutional issues for One Water managementMukheibir, P; Howe, C; Gallet, D
2015-01-01Improved leak detection method for water reticulation zonesMukheibir, P; Rickwood, P; Mohr, S
2015Pathways to One Water: A guide for institutional innovationMukheibir, P; Howe, C
2015Institutional Issues for Integrated 'One Water' ManagementMukheibir, P; Howe, C; Gallet, D
2015Institutional Issues for Integrated "One Water" ManagementMukheibir, P
2014-12-31Ensuring small business continuity under a changing climate: The role of adaptive capacityKuruppu, N; Mukheibir, P; Murta, J