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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-02EditorialKennan, MA; Fields, A; Narayan, B; Russell, F
2018-09-24Privacy Literacy and the Everyday Use of Social TechnologiesPingo, Z; Narayan, B
2018-09-01Challenging prevailing narratives with Twitter: An #AustraliaDay case study of participation, representation and elimination of voice in an archiveFransen-Taylor, P; Narayan, B
2018-07-06International students’ mental health and their experience of higher education in Australia: Rethinking our modes of teaching to enable better learning outcomes for all studentsNarayan, B
2018-07-03Towards diversity in young adult fiction: Australian YA authors’ publishing experiences and its implications for YA librarians and readers’ advisory servicesBooth, E; Narayan, B
2018-01-01‘Don’t talk about the gay character’: Barriers to queer young adult fiction and authors in schools and librariesBooth, E; Narayan, B
2018-01-01Users’ responses to privacy issues with the connected information ecologies created by fitness trackersPingo, Z; Narayan, B
2017-12-18Issues and challenges in researchers’ adoption of open access and institutional repositories: a contextual study of a university repositoryNarayan, B; Luca, E
2017-12-18Social capital and knowledge transmission in the traditional Kente textile industry of GhanaBoateng, H; Narayan, B
2017-10-29206 Bones of Gray: A Documentalist Perspective on X-RaysNarayan, B
2017-10-20Vulnerable communities in the digital age: Advancing research and exploring collaborationsDu, JT; Xie, I; Narayan, B; Abdi, ES; Wu, H; Liu, Y; Westbrook, L
2017-07-31Exploring knowledge creation and information sharing within the culturally situated world of Ghana’s traditional Kente communityBoateng, H; Narayan, B
2017-06-30First-Generation Tertiary Students: Access is not the Same as SupportCampbell, K; Narayan, B
2017-06-23Encountering the Muse: An Exploration of the relationship between inspiration and information in the museumLatham, K; Narayan, B; Gorichanaz, T
2017-06-23Privacy Literacy: Extending Information Literacy in the Age of Social Media and Big DataPingo, Z; Narayan, B
2017-06-23Conceptualising Tweets as Electronic Graffiti Challenging Prevailing Narratives: A Case Study of the Official #AustraliaDay Tweet ArchiveFransen-Taylor, P; Narayan, B
2017-06-23Collaborative auto-hermeneutics: Methodological openings and possibilities for studying information experienceNarayan, B; Latham, K; Gorichanaz, T
2017-06-18Documents, Futures: Palm Reading, Palmyra Leaves, and Planetary ProphesyNarayan, B
2017-03-01Utiliser le design thinking pour repenser la signalétique en bibliothèque universitaireNarayan, B; Luca, E
2017-03-01An information behaviour approach to conspiracy theories: listening in on voices from within the vaccination debateNarayan, B; Preljevic, M