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1-Sep-2012The balance of the sexes: The feminisation of Australia's population, 1901-2008Opeskin, B; Kippen, R
1-Sep-2012Managing international migration in Australia: Human rights and the "last major redoubt of unfettered national sovereignty"Opeskin, B
2012Electoral Redistribution in Australia: Accommodating 150 Years of Demographic ChangeOpeskin, B; Juriansz, J
2012Judicial pensions: time for reform?Opeskin, B
2012Nationality and StatelessnessOpeskin, B; Shearer, I; Opeskin, B; Perruchoud, R; Redpath-Cross, J
1-Dec-2011The resettlement of nauruans in AustraliaTabucanon, GM; Opeskin, B
1-Dec-2011The resettlement of nauruans in AustraliaTabucanon, GM; Opeskin, B
2011The Resettlement of Nauruans in Australia: An Early Case of Failed Environmental MigrationOpeskin, B; Tabucanon, T
2011The High Cost of Judges: Reconsidering Judicial Pensions and Retirement in an Ageing PopulationOpeskin, B
20-Apr-2010Constitutions and Populations: How Well has Constitution Accommodated a Century of Demographic Change?Opeskin, B
1-Jan-2010Regulating pacific seasonal labour in AustraliaMacDermott, T; Opeskin, B
1-Dec-2009Resources, population and migration in the Pacific: Connecting islands and rimOpeskin, B; MacDermott, T
22-Jun-2009Malaria in Pacific populations: Seen but not heard?Opeskin, B
2-Jun-2009The Influence of International Law on the International Movement of PersonsOpeskin, B
1-Jan-2009Conceptualising international migration lawOpeskin, B; Perruchoud, R; Redpath-Cross, J