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28-Sep-2013Synthesis of micro-assembled Si/titanium silicide nanotube anodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesChoi, S; Lee, JC; Park, O; Chun, MJ; Choi, NS; Park, S
1-Jul-2013A simple fabrication of interconnected CuO nanotube electrodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesLee, JI; Choi, S; Park, S
28-Feb-2013High-performance Si anodes with a highly conductive and thermally stable titanium silicide coating layerPark, O; Lee, JI; Chun, MJ; Yeon, JT; Yoo, S; Choi, S; Choi, NS; Park, S
14-Nov-2012Patterning of electrodes for mechanically robust and bendable lithium-ion batteriesChoi, S; Lee, JI; Park, S
17-Sep-2012Preparation of silica nanospheres and porous polymer membranes with controlled morphologies via nanophase separationLee, JP; Choi, S; Park, S
1-Dec-2011Fabrication of gold dot, ring, and corpuscle arrays from block copolymer templates via a simple modification of surface energyCho, H; Choi, S; Kim, JY; Park, S
28-Aug-2011Fabrication of highly ordered silicon pin-in-a-hole nanostructures via chemical etching of nanopatterned polymer masksPark, H; Choi, S; Lee, JP; Park, S
8-Jul-2011Patterning of various silicon structures via polymer lithography and catalytic chemical etchingLee, JP; Bang, BM; Choi, S; Kim, T; Park, S
18-Jan-2011Extremely superhydrophobic surfaces with micro- and nanostructures fabricated by copper catalytic etchingLee, JP; Choi, S; Park, S
23-Sep-2008Requirements change: What's the alternative?Davis, AM; Nurmuliani, N; Park, S; Zowghi, D