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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2009Understanding and resolving the global problematique: Assessing the balance between progressive and socially conservative foresightSlaughter, R; Riedy, C
1-May-2009The influence of futures work on public policy and sustainabilityRiedy, C
Jan-2009Urban infrastructure for long-term climate change responseRiedy, C; NZSSES
Jan-2009Household behavior change for climate change response: an integral scanRiedy, C
1-Mar-2008An Integral extension of causal layered analysisRiedy, C
Jan-2008Carbon Offset Watch 2008 assessment reportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
Jan-2008Carbon Offset Watch summaryRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
Jan-2008A developmental perspective on climate policy discourseRiedy, C; Zografos, C; Howarth, R
Jan-2007Energy and transport subsidies in Australia: 2007 updateRiedy, C
Jan-2007The role of wind power in New South WalesRiedy, C; Lewis, J
Jan-2007Electricity supply in NSW: Alternatives to privatisationRiedy, C; Daly, JG
Jan-2007Finding integration pathways: developing a transdisciplinary (TD) approach for the Upper Nepean Catchment.Palmer, CG; Gothe, J; Mitchell, CA; Riedy, C; Sweetapple, K; McLaughlin, SM; Hose, GC; Lowe, M; Goodall, H; Green, T; Sharma, D; Fane, SA; Brew, K; Jones, PR; Wilson, AL; Dehaan, RL; Watts, RJ; Page, KJ; Bowmer, KH; Curtis, A
Jan-2007Pricing and decision-making in the Australian electricity, road transport and water sectors: towards sustainability?Riedy, C; White, S; Proctor, W
1-May-2006Two social practices to support emergence of a global collectiveRiedy, C
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - policy paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2006Study of factors influencing electricity used in NewingtonRiedy, C; Partridge, EY
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - summary paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2006Capital Region Climate Change Forum: Citizens' ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; Lewis, J
Jan-2006A 10 point plan for a sustainable transport futureRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; White, S
Jan-2006Interval Meter Technology Trials and Pricing Experiments: Issues for Small ConsumersRiedy, C