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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Designing an immersive environment for public useRobertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Loke, L; Wagner, I; Blomberg, J; Jacucci, G; Kensing, F
Jan-2006A moving type frameworkBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Bojkovic, ZS
Jan-2006Accessing Data: Methods for understanding mobile technology useHagen, P; Robertson, TJ; Kan, N; Sadler, KA
Jan-2006Ethical issues in interaction designRobertson, TJ
Jan-2006How it feels, not just how it looks: when bodies interact with technologyLarssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
Jan-2005Moving bodies, social selves: Movement-oriented personas and scenariosLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Donaldson, A
Jan-2005Mechanics and meaning: methodological considerations when studying movement in HCILarssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Larssen, A; Robertson, A; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
Jan-2005labanotation for design of movement-based interactionLoke, L; Larssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Pisan, Y
Jan-2005From movable type to moving type - evolution in technological mediated typographyBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; MacColl, I
Jan-2005Use scenarios: A useful design tool for mBusinessSadler, KA; Robertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
Jan-2005Emerging research methods for understanding mobile technology useHagan, P; Robertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Sadler, KA; Bentley, T; Balbo, S
Jan-2005Uncovering traces of mobile practices: The bag studyRobertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Sadler, KA; Hagan, P; Bentley, T; Balbo, S
Jan-2005Moving bodies, social selves: movement-orientated personas and scenariosLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Bentley, T; Balbo, S
Jan-2005Designing a movement-based interactive experience using empirically derived personas and scenariosKan, MM; Robertson, TJ; Muller, E; Sadler, KA; Larssen, A; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
Jan-2004Understanding Movement as Input for Interaction-a study of Two EyeToy(tm) GamesLarssen, AT; Loke, L; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Hyland, P; Vrazalie, L
Jan-2004Towards Understanding Information Architecture: A Distributed Cognition Study of an IT Community of PracticeHarvey, S; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Hyland, P; Vrazalic, L
Jan-2003A role with no Edges: The work practices of Information ArchitectsRobertson, TJ; Hewlett, C; Harvey, S; Edwards, J; Jacko, J; Stephanidis, C
Jan-2002The Public Availability of Actions and ArtefactsRobertson, TJ
Jan-2001Learning HCI in the Lost WorldRobertson, TJ; Lueg, CP; Brookes, WC; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
Jan-1998Shoppers and Tailors: Participative Practices in Small Australian Design CompaniesRobertson, TJ