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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Towards an understanding of open innovation in services: Beyond the firm and towards relational co-creationEdwards, M; Logue, D; Schweitzer, J
2015The emerging potential of crowd sharing: Learning and innovation beyond the organizational contextSchweitzer, J; Jakovich, J; Soliman Fawzy
2015The Design Thinking Mindset: An Assessment Of What We Know And What We See In PracticeSchweitzer, J; Groeger, L; Sobel, L
1-Jan-2014Leadership and innovation capability development in strategic alliancesSchweitzer, J
2014Contracting and innovation culture in alliancesSchweitzer, J
2014Transformational Leadership, Design Thinking and the Innovative OrganisationGroeger, L; Schweitzer, J
2014Strategic urban innovation practices and the emerging role of crowd-sharingSchweitzer, J; Jakovich, J
2014The Dynamic Capacity of Design in the Entrepreneurial OrganisationPinchen, S; Schweitzer, J
31-Dec-2013Learning and innovation in uncertain times: The role of organisational systems and managerial perceptions of uncertaintyAkpolat, CK; Soliman, F; Schweitzer, J
2013Parenting practices and advantage for corporate entrepreneurshipSchweitzer, J; Lessner, M
2013Understanding Perceived Environmental Uncertainty And Its Impact On InnovationAkpolat, K; Soliman, F; Schweitzer, J
5-Jul-2012Strategy discourse as collaborative design practice: Can design thinking benefit strategy development?Schweitzer, J; Pitsis, T; Clegg, S
5-Jul-2012Designing Entrepreneurial Work Environments: Exploring emergent design processesSchweitzer, J; Edwards, M; Nikolova, N; Nicolai, C
Jan-2011Contractual complexity, governance and organisational form in alliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan, S
1-Jan-2010Leadership behaviours as ongoing negotiations and their effects on knowledge and innovation capabilities in alliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan, S
2010The Mediating Role Of Entrepreneurial Team Behavior Between Leadership and PerformanceNielsen, B; Schweitzer, J; Gudergan, S
2009Contracting and Governance in Alliances: The role of Contractual ComplexitySchweitzer, J; Gudergan
2009The Link Between Contractual Complexity And Governance Forms In AlliancesSchweitzer, J
2009Exploring Plural Governance: The Role and Interplay of Ambiguity, Volatility and Governance MechanismsKrzeminska, A; Schweitzer, J
2008The Affects of Practices of Governance and Leadership on Capabilities and Performance of AlliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan