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2008-09-01Changing relations between government and citizen: Administrative law and the work of the Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman: Research and evaluationStuhmcke, A
2007-07-01A national university grievance handler? Transporting the UK Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) to AustraliaOlliffe, B; Stuhmcke, A
2007-01-01Legal pragmatism and the pre-birth continuum: an absence of unifying principle.Stewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2007The Commonwealth Ombudsman: An Integrity Branch of GovernmentStuhmcke, A; Tran, A
2004-01-01Looking backwards, looking forwards: judicial and legislative trends in the regulation of surrogate motherhood in the UK and Australia.Stuhmcke, A
2003Resolving consumer disputes: Out of the courts and into private industryStuhmcke, A
2002-02-01The rise of the Australian Telecommunications Industry OmbudsmanStuhmcke, A
2002-01-01Limiting access to assisted reproduction: JM v. QFG.Stuhmcke, A
2002Limiting Access to Assisted Reproduction JM V QFGStuhmcke, A
2002The Rise of the Australian Telecommunications Industry OmbudsmanStuhmcke, A
2001-01-01Access to infertility treatments and single women: what is the state of play?Stuhmcke, A
-Judicial analytics and Australian courts: A call for national ethical guidelinesStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
-Open Justice, Efficient Justice and the Rule of Law: The Increasing Invisibility of Special Leave to Appeal Applications in the High Court of AustraliaStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
-Assisted reproductive technologies, the Internet and information seeking: a case study of Australian women using peer online forums to seek donor eggs across bordersStuhmcke, A; Millbank, J; Karpin, I