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2011-01-01International Comparisons of Sports participation in European Countries: an Update of the COMPASS ProjectGratton, C; Rowe, N; Veal, AJ
2011-01-01The leisure society i: Myths and misconceptions, 1960–1979Veal, AJ
2011-01-01Planning for leisure, sport, tourism and the arts: Goals and rationalesVeal, AJ
2009-09-19Alternatives to Standards: A Review of Leisure Planning Guidelines: U-Plan Project Paper 2Veal, AJ
2009-02-21'Sport for All' and major sporting events: Trends in sport participation and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth GamesFrawley, S; Veal, AJ
2009-02-19The Elusive Leisure SocietyVeal, AJ
2009-02-01'Sport for All" and major sporting events: Project paper 1: Introduction to the projectVeal, AJ; Frawley, S; Toohey, K; Cashman, R
2006-06-20Introduction: Process and contentRojek, C; Shaw, SM; Veal, AJ
2006-01The use of urban parksVeal, AJ
2006-01Leisure and the economyVeal, AJ; Jackson, EL
2006-01EconomicsVeal, AJ; Rojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ
2006-01Eating out & the appetite for leisureFinkelstein, J; Lynch, R; Rojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ
2005-03-16Great BritainGratton, C; Veal, AJ
2005-03-16AustraliaVeal, AJ
2005-01-13IntroductionHaworth, JT; Veal, AJ
2005-01-13Looking back: Perspectives on the leisure-work relationshipVeal, AJ
2005-01-13A brief history of work and its relationship to leisureVeal, AJ
2005-01Cross- National leisure participation and time-use surveys: a futureCushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J; Cushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J
2005-01National Leisure participation and time-use surveys: an overviewCushman, G; Zuzanek, J; Veal, AJ; Cushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J
2003-01Tracking change: leisure participation and policy in Australia, 1985-2002Veal, AJ