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Jan-2014Australian sustainable phosphorus futures: Phase II: Adapting to future phosphorus scarcity: Investigating potential sustainable phosphorus measures and strategiesCordell, DJ; Mikhailovich, N; Mohr, SH; Jacobs, B; White, S
Jan-2014Circular Economy: Questions for Responsible Minerals, Additive Manufacturing and Recycling of MetalsGiurco, D; Littleboy, A; Boyle, TM; Fyfe, J; White, S
2014Life’s Bottleneck: Sustaining the World’s Phosphorus for a Food Secure FutureCordell, DJ; White, S; Gadgil, A; Liverman, DM
Jan-2013Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plants using solar towers with thermal storage to increase plant performancePeterseim, J; Tadros, A; Hellwig, U; White, S; Saxon, G
Jan-2013Sustainable Phosphorus measures: Strategies and technologies for achieving Phosphorus securityCordell, DJ; White, S
Jan-2013Future scenarios for the sustainable use of global Phosphorus resources: P is for preferred (p) futuresChilders, D; Capale, Z; Carlielle-Marquet, C; Cordell, DJ; Gerhart, V; Iwaniec, D; White, S; Wyant, KA; Corman, JR; Elser, JJ
Jan-2013Concentrated solar power hybrid plants, which technologies are best suited for hybridisation?Peterseim, J; White, S; Tadros, A; Hellwig, U
Jan-2013Phosphorus flows through the Australian food system: Identifying intervention points as a roadmap to phosphorus securityCordell, DJ; Jackson, ML; White, S
Jan-2013Intelligent metering for urban water: A reviewBoyle, TM; Giurco, D; Mukheibir, P; Liu, A; Delaney, CC; White, S; Stewart, RA
2013Sustainable Phosphorus measures: Strategies and technologies for achieving Phosphorus securityCordell, D; White, S
Jan-2012Making better choices: A systematic comparison of adversarial and collaborative approaches to the transport policy processBaumann, C; White, S
Jan-2012Green Chrysalis - Small and medium-sized enterprises: innovation and transformation towards Australia's low-carbon economyChong, J; Asker, SA; O'Rourke, A; White, S
Jan-2012Political influence in the context of Australian WWViewsHerriman, J; White, S; Atherton, AM; Joan Font
Jan-2012Eco-industrial transition: A vision for economic and socio-ecological renewal at SwanbankBaumann, C; Asker, SA; Giurco, D; Peterseim, J; White, S
Jan-2012Options to improve the water and energy efficiency of existing evaporative air conditionersMurta, J; Milne, GR; Turner, AJ; White, S; Harris, SM; Mukheibir, P
Jan-2011Pathways towards sustainable urban transport development. Investigating the transferability of Munich best practice in collaborative stakeholder dialogue to the context of SydneyBaumann, C; White, S; Whitzman, C; Fincher, R
Jan-2011The influence of declining perceptions of scarcity: Exploring a new paradigm of future demand management optionsGiurco, D; Boyle, TM; White, S; Clarke, B; Houlihan, P
Jan-2011Collaborative stakeholder dialogue: a pragmatic pathway towards sustainable urban transport developmentBaumann, C; White, S; Maginn, P
Jan-2011Integrated resource planning for urban water - resource papersFane, SA; Turner, AJ; McKibbin, JL; May, D; Fyfe, J; Chong, J; Blackburn, N; Patterson, JJ; White, S
Jan-2011Endocrine disrupting activities in sewage effluent and river water determined by chemical analysis and in vitro assay in the context of granular activated carbon upgradeGrover, DP; Balaam, JL; Pacitto, S; Readman, JW; White, S; Zhou, J