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1-Mar-2018Land use change modeling and the effect of compact city paradigms: integration of GIS-based cellular automata and weights-of-evidence techniquesAbdullahi, S; Pradhan, B
2-Jan-2018City Compactness: Assessing the Influence of the Growth of Residential Land UseAbdullahi, S; Pradhan, B; Mojaddadi, H
8-May-2017Assessing the relationship between city compactness and residential land use growthPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S; Mojaddadi, H
8-May-2017Application of GIS and RS in urban growth analysis and modelingPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Urban sprawl assessmentPradhan, B; Al-sharif, AAA; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Urban expansion and change detection analysisPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Urban compactness assessmentPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Spatial urban modeling and prediction (tripoli metropolis case study)Pradhan, B; Al-sharif, AAA; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017City intensification process using brownfields land use change modelingPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Introduction to urban growth and expansionPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S; Al-sharif, AAA
8-May-2017Compact city modeling (case study of Kajang city, Malaysia)Pradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Sprawl versus compact developmentPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S; Al-sharif, AAA
8-May-2017Sustainable urban developmentPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
8-May-2017Extraction and modeling of urban sprawl development in Karbala city using VHR satellite imageryPradhan, B; Aal-shamkhi, ADS; Mojaddadi, H; Abdullahi, S
4-May-2017Spatial prediction of landslides along Jalan Kota in Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) using airborne LiDAR data and support vector machinePradhan, B; Jebur, MN; Abdullahi, S
2015Urban sustainability analysis through Compact city: GIS-based modeling for spatial measurement and evaluation of mixed landuse developmentAbdullahi, S; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S; Shariff, ARM