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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2018A methodology for project portfolio selection under criteria prioritisation, uncertainty and projects interdependency – combination of fuzzy QFD and DEAJafarzadeh, H; Akbari, P; Abedin, B
1-Jul-2018Impacts of the use of social network sites on users' psychological well-being: A systematic reviewErfani, SS; Abedin, B
26-Jun-2018A Review of Opportunities and Challenges of Carers' Support on Online Social PlatformsMukundan, B; Abedin, B; Hirano, M; Myers, M; Kijima, K
26-Jun-2018Impacts of Dark Side of Online Social Networks (OSNs) on Users: an Agenda for Future ResearchBoroon, L; Abedin, B; Erfani, S
23-Jun-2018Exploring the Dark Side of Online Social Networks: A Taxonomy of Negative Effects on UsersBoroon, L; Abedin, B; Erfani, S
1-May-2018Editorial: Digital transformation & digital business strategy in electronic commerce - The role of organizational capabilitiesAbedin, B; Cerpa, N; Chew, E
8-Mar-2018Why social media are more like chocolate than cigarettesAbedin, B
2-Jan-2018Introduction to the Special Issue — Social Computing and Service Innovation: A Framework for ResearchAbedin, B; Qahri-Saremi, H
20-Jul-2017Peer to Peer Adult Learning Engagement in Online Collaborative Learning: Characteristics and Learning OutcomesAbedini, A; Abedin, B; Miliszewska, I
8-Sep-2016Hyperpersonal Value Co-Creation in Online Communities: A Conceptual FrameworkAbedin, B; Chew, EK
1-Jan-2016Social support, Social belongingness, and psychological well-being: Benefits of Online healthcare community membershipErfani, SS; Abedin, B; Blount, Y
31-May-2015Adoption of Facebook for Customer Relationship Management for SMEs: Exploring the Underlying MotivationsAbedin, B; Amir Khanlari
1-Jan-2015Investigating massive open online courses (MOOCs) opportunities for developing countries: Case of Papua New GuineaWoruba, R; Abedin, B
1-Jan-2015Participating or not participating? A sociomaterial perspective of the embeddedness of online communities in everyday lifeHarris, G; Abedin, B
1-Jan-2014Pattern of non-task interactions in asynchronous computer-supported collaborative learning coursesAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D'Ambra, J
2014Effects of Web based cancer support resources use on cancer affected people: A systematic literature reviewErfani, SS; Abedin, B
1-Dec-2013Investigating the impact of facebook use on cancer survivors' psychological well-beingErfani, SS; Abedin, B; Daneshgar, F
1-Jul-2013Determinant of intention to use search engine advertising: A conceptual modelJafarazdeh, H; Aurum, A; D'Amba, J; Abedin, B
1-Jan-2013A qualitative evaluation of communication in Ovarian Cancer Facebook communitiesErfani, SS; Abedin, B; Daneshgar, F