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2022-01-01The role of employees in digital transformation: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior on Australian employees’ cloud technology usageCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Abedin, B; Shirahada, K
2022-01-01Hybrid Organizational Forms In Public Sector's Digital Transformation: A Technology Enactment ApproachFaro, B; Abedin, B; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D
2022-01-01Explicating AI literacy of employees at digital workplacesCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Kitto, K; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Abedin, B; Knight, S
2021-11-01The Dark Side of Using Online Social Networks: A Review of Individuals' Negative ExperiencesBoroon, L; Abedin, B; Erfani, E
2021-09-01What facilitates and constrains value co-creation in online communities: A sociomateriality perspectivePriharsari, D; Abedin, B
2021-07-01Adult learning in online communities of practice: A systematic reviewAbedini, A; Abedin, B; Zowghi, D
2021-01-01Thirty Six Years of Information Systems Management: A Bibliometric and Thematic AnalysisAbedin, B; Jafarzadeh, H; Olszak, CM
2021-01-01Gender Bias in AI: Implications for Managerial PracticesNadeem, A; Marjanovic, O; Abedin, B
2020-12-04Gender Bias in AI: A Review of Contributing Factors and Mitigating StrategiesNadeem, A; Abedin, B; Marjanovic, O
2020-10-06What is going on in digital health communities? A typology of support exchanges for cancer patientsAbedin, B; Milne, D; Erfani, S
2020-09-23Understanding the Role of Employees in Digital Transformation: Conceptualization of Digital Literacy of Employees as a Multi-Dimensional Organizational AffordanceCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Abedin, B
2020-06-18Attraction, selection, and attrition in online health communities: Initial conversations and their association with subsequent activity levels.Abedin, B; Milne, D; Erfani, E
2020-01-10Value co-creation in firm sponsored online communities What enables, constrains, and shapes valuePriharsari, D; Abedin, B; Mastio, E
2020A Culturally and Language Appropriate Smartphone-based Support Intervention for Enhancinng the Psychological Well-being of Indigenous Australian People with cancer.Erfani, E; Abedin, B; Luckett, T; Lawrence, C; Hanna, ASH; Rowe, F; Amrani, RE; Limayem, M; Newell, S; Pouloudi, N; Heck, EV; Quammah, AE
2019-12-11Addiction to Social Network Site Use: An Information Technology Identity PerspectiveBoroon, L; Abedin, B; Erfani, S
2019-10-01Search engine advertising perceived effectiveness: A resource-based approach on the role of advertisers’ competenciesJafarzadeh, H; Abedin, B; Aurum, A; D’Ambra, J
2019-07-14Unpacking Support Types in Online Health Communities: An Application of Attraction-Selection-Attrition TheoryAbedin, B; Erfani, S; Milne, D; Beattie, A; Fenerty, K
2019-07-08A Conceptual Framework of Digital Empowerment of Informal Carers: An Expert Elicitation StudySethibe, T; Abedin, B; Marjanovic, O; Milne, D
2019-07-08Orchestrating Firm Sponsored Communities of Interest: A Critical Realist Case StudyPriharsari, D; Abedin, B; Mastio, E
2019-06-01Twenty Years of Information Systems FrontiersBeydoun, G; Abedin, B; merigo, J