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1-Dec-2011A system for bridge network condition assessment and predictionSamali, B; Crews, KI; Aboura, K; Ariyaratne, W; Manamperi, PB
1-Dec-2010A likelihood approach for modeling spatial and temporal patterns of storms using radar and land dataBall, JE; Aboura, K
1-Jun-2010Mapping and recognition of radio frequency clutter in various environments in AustraliaAgbinya, J; Lee, V; Aboura, K; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2010Software Engineering for Mapping Radio Frequency PollutionChaczko, ZC; Agbinya, JI; Aboura, K
1-Jan-2009Radio frequency pollution mappingAgbinya, J; Chaczko, Z; Aboura, K
1-Jan-2009Recognition of radio signal pollution levels and signaturesAgbinya, J; Lee, V; Aboura, K; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2009Linear Regression Based Global ThresholdingAboura, K; Janiczek, T; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; ski, RJZ; Agbinya, J; Braun, R; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2009The Use of Stochasatic Processes in Bridge Lifetime AssessmentAboura, K; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Li, J; Agbinya, JI; Biermann, E; Hamam, Y; Rocaries, F; Lal, SK
Jan-2009The Use of Stochastic Processes in Bridge Maintenance OptimisationSamali, B; Crews, KI; Aboura, K; Li, J
1-Dec-2008Stochastic processes for modelling bridge deteriorationAboura, K; Samali, B; Crews, K; Li, J
1-Dec-2008Monitoring bridge deterioration using sensorsSamali, B; Li, J; Aboura, K
1-Dec-2008Stochastic deterioration processes for bridge lifetime assessmentAboura, K; Samali, B; Crews, K; Li, J
18-Sep-2008Bandwidth utilisation for volume-to-volume UWB MIMO communicationsAubrey, TA; Aboura, K
Jan-2008Automatic Thresholding of License PlateAboura, K
Jan-2008Distributed Recursive Algorithm for Auto Calibration in Drift Aware Wireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Aboura, K; Challa, S; Khaled Elleithy
1-Dec-2007RBATMWSN: Recursive Bayesian approach to trust management in wireless sensor networksMomani, M; Aboura, K; Challa, S
Jan-2007Statistical Foundations of Intelligent TechnologiesAboura, K; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
Jan-2007Modelling Trust In Wireless Sensor Networks from the Sensor Reliability ProspectiveMomani, M; Challa, S; Aboura, K; Sobh, T; Elleithy, K; Mahmood, A; Karim, M
Jan-2007Estimating the Number of People in Buildings Using Visual InformationChalla, S; Aboura, K; Ravikanth, K; Deshpande, S; David Kershaw