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2019-09-01The influence of gendered emotional relations on gender equality in sport governanceAdriaanse, JA
2017-01-01Gender diversity in the governance of international sport federationsAdriaanse, JA; Schulenkorf, N; Frawley, S
2017-01-01Quotas to accelerate gender equity in sport leadership: do they work?Adriaanse, JA; Burton, LJ; Leberman, S
2016-10-04Governance, csr and diversity: A critical field of study in global sport managementAdriaanse, JA; Cobourn, S; Frawley, S
2016-08-01Gender equality in sport leadership: From the Brighton Declaration to the Sydney ScoreboardAdriaanse, JA; Claringbould, I
2014-06The Sydney Scoreboard: A global index for women in sport leadershipAdriaanse, JA
2013-11-01Analysing gender dynamics in sport governance: A new regimes-based approachAdriaanse, JA; Schofield, T
2013-01The role of men in advancing gender equality in sport governanceAdriaanse, JA; Pfister, G; Sisjord, MK
2009-01La mujer y la alta gestion deportiva:de la declaration de Brighton a Sidney 2010Adriaanse, JA
2008-09-01David or Mia? The influence of gender on adolescent girls' choice of sport role modelsAdriaanse, JA; Crosswhite, JJ
2005-01Tracking and profiling successful IT graduatesAdriaanse, JA; Wilson, DN; Campbell, B; Underwood, J; Bunker, D
2005-01Profiling sport role models to enhance initiatives for adolescent girls in physical education and sportAdriaanse, JA; Wilde, K; Crosswhite, JJ
2003-01The relevance of sporting role models in the lives of adolescent girlsAdriaanse, JA; Crosswhite, JJ; Wilde, K
2003-01Role models and heroes in the lives of teenage girlsAdriaanse, JA; Crosswhite, JJ; Wilde, K; Colyer, S; Lobo, F
2002-01Sharing good practices: teenage girls, sport and physical activitiesAdriaanse, JA; Crosswhite, JJ