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2022-06-29A Near-Field Meta-Steering Antenna System with Fully Metallic MetasurfacesAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DN
2022-02-16Investigating Dielectric Covers to Reduce Unwanted Lobes in Near-Field Meta-Steering SystemsSingh, K; Afzal, MU; Lalbaksh, A; Esselle, KP
2022-02-16Wideband Radial-Line Slot Array Antenna Technology for Near-Field Meta-Steering SystemsAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Koli, NY; Thalakotuna, DN
2022-02-11Applications of Near-Field Meta-Steering Antenna SystemsEsselle, KP; Afzal, MU; Singh, K; Thalakotuna, DN; Ahmed, F; Sayem, ASM
2022-01-01Highly Efficient and Wideband Millimeter-Wave Slotted-Array Antenna Technology for 5G CommunicationsKoli, MNY; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DN; Afzal, MU; Islam, MZ
2021-12-21Investigating Square Slot Unit Cell for Low-Cost Phase-Gradient MetasurfacesNabeel, MI; Afzal, MU; Thalakotuna, DN; Esselle, KP
2021-12-01Use of Narrower Reflection-Canceling Slots to Design Linearly Polarized Radial Line Slot Arrays with Improved Radiation PerformanceKoli, MNY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Mehta, A
2021-12A dielectric free near field phase transforming structure for wideband gain enhancement of antennasAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DN
2021-10-14An Overview On the Optimization of Beam-Steering MetasurfacesSingh, K; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2021-09-21Low-Cost All-Metal Bandpass Frequency Selective SurfaceAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP
2021-05-03All-metal wideband metasurface for near-field transformation of medium-to-high gain electromagnetic sourcesLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Mandal, K
2021-04-27Low-Cost Radial Line Slot Array Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Backhaul LinksAfzal, MU; Koli, NY; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01Significant Bandwidth Enhancement of Radial-Line Slot Array Antennas Using A Radially Non-Uniform TEM WaveguideKoli, MNY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01Method to Enhance Directional Propagation of Circularly Polarized Antennas by Making Near-Electric Field Phase More UniformAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01The Use of a Pair of 3D-Printed near Field Superstructures to Steer an Antenna Beam in Elevation and AzimuthHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Ahmed, F; Zhang, S; Esselle, KP; Vardaxoglou, J
2021-01-01Designing Efficient Phase-Gradient Metasurfaces for Near-Field Meta-Steering SystemsSingh, K; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01A Metal-Only Partially Reflective Surface for Metallic Resonant-Cavity AntennasAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2021A Beam Squinted Linearly Polarised Radial Line Slot Array Antenna with Improved Return Loss BandwidthKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ
2021Dielectric-Free Cells for Low-Cost Near-Field Phase Shifting MetasurfacesAhmed, F; Hayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2020-08-01A System-Level Overview of Near-Field Meta-SteeringAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A