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2022-01-01Blockchain adoption challenges in Global Supply ChainsHappy, A; Rahman, KW; Chowdhury, M; Chowdhury, M; Scerri, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-09-30Global value chains are not always global: The 'global factory'and 'exo-net'value architecturesWixted, B; Bliemel, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-09-16Linking the interconnectedness and innovativeness of global value chainsBliemel, M; Wixted, B; Roos, G; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-09-16GVC vulnerability to disruptionBliemel, M; Wixted, B; Roos, G; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-09-16Meso-level GVC analysis of Korean shipbuildingWixted, B; Bliemel, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2021-05An Agent-Based Model for Supply Chain Recovery in the Wake of the COVID-19 PandemicRahman, T; Taghikhah, F; Paul, S; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R
2021-02Modelling of supply chain disruption analytics using an integrated approach: An emerging economy exampleMithun Ali, S; Paul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Agarwal, R; Mohammad Fathollahi-Fard, A; Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, C; Luthra, S
2021Deploying ambidexterity through better management practice: The case of High-Variety, Low-Volume ManufacturingKatic, M; Kozanoglu, C; Agarwal, R
2021Evolution of the Indian LPG Industry: Exploring Conditions for Public Sector Business Model InnovationAgarwal, R; Mittal, N; Patterson, E; Giorcelli, M
2021The Routledge Companion to Global Value Chains: Reinterpreting and reimagining mega trends in the world economyAgarwal, R; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Skellern, K
2020-12-30People Management Practices that Underpin Lean Management OutcomesAgarwal, R; Bajada, C; Brown, P; Green, R
2020-11Collaborative innovation and sustainability in the food supply chain- evidence from farmer producer organisationsKrishnan, R; Yen, P; Agarwal, R; Arshinder, K; Bajada, C
2020-02-04The State of Supply Chain Management Report 2020Paul, S; Agarwal, R; Mistry, A; Pugalia, S
2020-01-01Redesigning a food supply chain for environmental sustainability – An analysis of resource use and recoveryKrishnan, R; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Arshinder, K
2020The effects of competition on management practices in New Zealand–a study of manufacturing firmsAgarwal, R; Brown, PJ; Bajada, C; Stevens, P; Green, R
2020Modelling Labour Supply for NATA Accreditation Assessment ServicesBajada, C; Agarwal, R
2019-08-19Supply chain resilience for performance: role of relational practices and network complexitiesChowdhury, MMH; Quaddus, M; Agarwal, R
2019-08-01Operationalising ambidexterity: The role of 'better' management practices in high-variety, low-volume manufacturingKatic, M; Cetindamar, D; Agarwal, R; Sick, N
2019-04-01Dynamic capabilities for meeting stakeholders’ sustainability requirements in supply chainChowdhury, MMH; Agarwal, R; Quaddus, M
2019-02-11Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Dynamics and MetricsBliemel, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Subhadrammal, D; Pugalia, S; Francis, J