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2019-08-19Supply chain resilience for performance: role of relational practices and network complexitiesChowdhury, MMH; Quaddus, M; Agarwal, R
2019-08-01Operationalising ambidexterity: The role of 'better' management practices in high-variety, low-volume manufacturingKatic, M; Cetindamar, D; Agarwal, R; Sick, N
2019-04-01Dynamic capabilities for meeting stakeholders’ sustainability requirements in supply chainChowdhury, MMH; Agarwal, R; Quaddus, M
2019-02-11Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Dynamics and MetricsBliemel, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Subhadrammal, D; Pugalia, S; Francis, J
2019-01-01Challenges in forecasting uncertain product demand in supply chain: A systematic literature reviewAbou Maroun, E; Zowghi, D; Agarwal, R
2018-07-09Service enterprise productivity in action: measuring service productivityScerri, M; Agarwal, R
2018-07-01The place of waste: Changing business value for the circular economyPerey, R; Benn, S; Agarwal, R; Edwards, M
2018-03-01The Future of Manufacturing Global Value Chains, Smart Specialization and Flexibility!Agarwal, R; Chowdhury, MMH; Paul, SK
2018-03-01The Flexibility Paradox: Achieving Ambidexterity in High-Variety, Low-Volume ManufacturingKatic, M; Agarwal, R
2018-01-01Value creation and the impact of policy interventions: Indian LPG supply chain case studyMittal, N; Agarwal, R; Selen, W
2018-01-01Resistance to Integrate Information Systems in Healthcare Service: A Study on Developing CountryUmme, NJ; Chowdhury, MMH; Connell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil; Dhir, S
2018Global Value Chains, Flexibility and SustainabilityConnell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil, P; Dhir, S
2017-12-13Australia’s International Business Survey 2017Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R; Rammal, HG; Scerri, M
2017-01Exploring the Effect of Customisation on Management Practices in High-Variety, Low-Volume ManufacturingKatic, M; Al-Kilidar, H; Agarwal, R
2017The Interplay Between Flexibility and Innovation within High-Variety, Low-Volume ManufacturingKatic, M; Agarwal, R; Al-Kilidar, H
2017The Role of Digital Standards in Managing Australian Public Service InnovationPatterson, E; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R
2017Japan’s technology management legacy impacting its IoT leadershipRathore, A; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Paul, S
2017High Performance Management Practices for High-Variety, Low-Volume Manufacturing: A Theoretical FrameworkKatic, M; Agarwal, R; Al-kilidar, H
2017Crypto-currency and supply chains – Is there a fit?Scerri, M; Agarwal, R
2016-12-30Smart Specialisation as an Engagement Framework for Triple Helix InteractionsHoward, J; Williams, T; Agarwal, R