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2022-11-01Self-reported sexually transmitted infections among adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa.Dadzie, LK; Agbaglo, E; Okyere, J; Aboagye, RG; Arthur-Holmes, F; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO
2022-06-13Girl child marriage and its association with maternal healthcare services utilization in sub-Saharan Africa.Ahinkorah, BO; Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Bolarinwa, OA; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Arthur-Holmes, F; Samad, N; Yaya, S
2022-05-18Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy Termination Among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa.Arthur-Holmes, F; Aboagye, RG; Dadzie, LK; Agbaglo, E; Okyere, J; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO
2022-04-01Truancy: How food insecurity, parental supervision, and other factors influence school attendance of adolescents in SeychellesSeidu, AA; Arthur-Holmes, F; Agbaglo, E; Ahinkorah, BO
2022-03-28Intimate partner violence against married and cohabiting women in sub-Saharan Africa: does sexual autonomy matter?Aboagye, RG; Dadzie, LK; Arthur-Holmes, F; Okyere, J; Agbaglo, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2022-03Factors associated with the number and timing of antenatal care visits among married women in Cameroon: evidence from the 2018 Cameroon Demographic and Health Survey.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Agbaglo, E; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2022Socio-economic and proximate determinants of under-five mortality in Guinea.Ahinkorah, BO; Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Osei, D; Banke-Thomas, A; Yaya, S
2021-12-05Individual and contextual factors associated with barriers to accessing healthcare among women in Papua New Guinea: insights from a nationwide demographic and health survey.Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Dadzie, LK; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Tetteh, JK
2021-08-05Factors associated with healthcare seeking for childhood illnesses among mothers of children under five in ChadBudu, E; Seidu, A-A; Ameyaw, EK; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Commey, F; Dickson, KS; Adde, KS; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-08-02A multilevel analysis of individual and contextual factors associated with the practice of safe disposal of children’s faeces in sub-Saharan AfricaSeidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Kissah-Korsah, K; Agbaglo, E; Dadzie, LK; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Hagan, JE
2021-08-01Factors associated with modern contraceptive use among women with no fertility intention in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from cross-sectional surveys of 29 countriesAhinkorah, BO; Budu, E; Aboagye, RG; Agbaglo, E; Arthur-Holmes, F; Adu, C; Archer, AG; Aderoju, YBG; Seidu, A-A
2021-07Trends in under-five mortality rate disaggregated across five inequality dimensions in Ghana between 1993 and 2014.Agbadi, P; Agbaglo, E; Tetteh, JK; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Nutor, JJ
2021-06-09Which factors predict fertility intentions of married men and women? Results from the 2012 Niger Demographic and Health SurveyAhinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Dickson, KS; Ameyaw, EK; Hagan, JE; Schack, T
2021-06-08Determinants of Fruits and Vegetables Consumption among In-School Adolescents in GhanaSeidu, A-A; Aboagye, RG; Frimpong, JB; Iddrisu, H; Agbaglo, E; Budu, E; Hagan, JE; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-06-07Prevalence and Factors Associated with Hygiene Behaviours among In-School Adolescents in GhanaSeidu, A-A; Amu, H; Salihu, T; Hagan, JE; Agbaglo, E; Amoah, A; Abodey, E; Boateng, MA; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-05-26Self-reported sexually transmitted infections among sexually active men in GhanaSeidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Dadzie, LK; Tetteh, JK; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-03-19Mixed effects analysis of factors associated with health insurance coverage among women in sub-Saharan AfricaAmu, H; Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Dowou, RK; Ameyaw, EK; Ahinkorah, BO; Kissah-Korsah, K
2021-03-16Maternal healthcare utilization and full immunization coverage among 12–23 months children in Benin: a cross sectional study using population-based dataBudu, E; Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Dickson, KS; Hormenu, T; Hagan, JE; Adu, C; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-03-06Factors Associated with Utilization of Postnatal Care Services in Mali, West AfricaAhinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2021-03-03Factors associated with the utilisation of skilled delivery services in Papua New Guinea: evidence from the 2016–2018 Demographic and Health SurveySeidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Agbaglo, E; Oduro, JK; Amoah, A; Yaya, S