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2022-03-01Text Mining in Education—A Bibliometrics-Based Systematic ReviewAhadi, A; Singh, A; Bower, M; Garrett, M
2022-02-14A Bibliometrics Analysis of Australasian Computing Education Conference ProceedingsAhadi, A; Mathieson, L
2022Skills taught vs skills sought: using skills analytics to identify the gaps between curriculum and job marketsAhadi, A; Kitto, K; Rizoiu, M-A; Musial-Gabrys, K
2021-03-01Online professional learning in response to COVID-19—towards robust evaluationAhadi, A; Bower, M; Singh, A; Garrett, M
2021-01-01Evaluation of teacher professional learning workshops on the use of technology - a systematic reviewAhadi, A; Bower, M; Lai, J; Singh, A; Garrett, M
2020-10-15EMIP: The eye movements in programming datasetBednarik, R; Busjahn, T; Gibaldi, A; Ahadi, A; Bielikova, M; Crosby, M; Essig, K; Fagerholm, F; Jbara, A; Lister, R; Orlov, P; Paterson, J; Sharif, B; Sirkiä, T; Stelovsky, J; Tvarozek, J; Vrzakova, H; van der Linde, I
2019-09-01MicroRNA (miRNA)-to-miRNA Regulation of programmed cell death 4 (PDCD4)Ajuyah, P; Hill, M; Ahadi, A; Lu, J; Hutvagner, G; Tran, N
2019-01-29ArAl: An Online Tool for Source Code Snapshot Metadata AnalysisAhadi, A; Lister, R; Mathieson, L
2019-01-29A Comparison of Three Popular Source code Similarity Tools for Detecting Student PlagiarismAhadi, A; Mathieson, L
2018-07-02Syntax error based quantification of the learning progress of the novice programmerAhadi, A; Lister, R; Mathieson, L
2018-01-30Learning Programming, Syntax Errors and Institution-specific FactorsAhadi, A; Lal, S; Lister, R; Hellas, A
2017-08-01A contingency table derived method for analyzing course dataAhadi, A; Hellas, A; Lister, R
2017-08-01A contingency table derived method for analyzing course dataAhadi, A; Hellas, A; Lister, R
2017-03-08Evaluating neural networks as a method for identifying students in need of assistanceCastro-Wunsch, K; Ahadi, A; Petersen, A
2017-01-31Performance and consistency in learning to programAhadi, A; Lister, R; Lal, S; Leinonen, J; Hellas, A
2017-01-01MiRTar2GO: A novel rule-based model learning method for cell line specific microRNA target prediction that integrates Ago2 CLIP-Seq and validated microRNA-target interaction dataAhadi, A; Sablok, G; Hutvagner, G
2017-01-01Annexin/S100A protein family regulation through p14ARF-p53 activation: A role in cell survival and predicting treatment outcomes in breast cancerHatoum, D; Yagoub, D; Ahadi, A; Nassif, NT; McGowan, EM
2016-11-24Replication in computing education research: Researcher attitudes and experiencesAhadi, A; Hellas, A; Ihantola, P; Korhonen, A; Petersen, A
2016-09-01A comparative analysis of lncRNAs in prostate cancer exosomes and their parental cell linesAhadi, A; Khoury, S; Losseva, M; Tran, N
2016-08-25Early identification of novice programmers' challenges in coding using machine learning techniquesAhadi, A