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2022-05-11A multilevel analysis of prevalence and factors associated with female child marriage in Nigeria using the 2018 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey data.Bolarinwa, OA; Ahinkorah, BO; Okyere, J; Seidu, A-A; Olagunju, OS
2022-04-05Antenatal care attendance and low birth weight of institutional births in sub-Saharan Africa.Weyori, AE; Seidu, A-A; Aboagye, RG; Holmes, FA; Okyere, J; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-12-20Risk factors associated with the coexistence of stunting, underweight, and wasting in children under 5 from 31 sub-Saharan African countries.Amadu, I; Seidu, A-A; Duku, E; Boadu Frimpong, J; Hagan Jnr, JE; Aboagye, RG; Ampah, B; Adu, C; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-12-20Was there any change in tobacco smoking among adults in Bangladesh during 2009-2017? Insights from two nationally representative cross-sectional surveys.Rahman, MA; Kundu, S; Ahinkorah, BO; Okyere, J; Halder, HR; Rahman, MM; Yadav, UN; Mistry, SK; Rahman, MA
2021-12-14Early age at first childbirth and skilled birth attendance during delivery among young women in sub-Saharan Africa.Budu, E; Chattu, VK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Arthur-Holmes, F; Adu, C; Yaya, S
2021-12-13Pregnant women's decision-making capacity and adherence to iron supplementation in sub-Saharan Africa: a multi-country analysis of 25 countries.Zegeye, B; Adjei, NK; Olorunsaiye, CZ; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Seidu, A-A; Yaya, S
2021-12-10Impact of COVID-19 on maternal healthcare in Africa and the way forward.Ameyaw, EK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Njue, C
2021-12-05Individual and contextual factors associated with barriers to accessing healthcare among women in Papua New Guinea: insights from a nationwide demographic and health survey.Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Dadzie, LK; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Tetteh, JK
2021-12Interpersonal violence among in-school adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa: Assessing the prevalence and predictors from the Global School-based health survey.Aboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Adu, C; Cadri, A; Mireku, DO; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-12Tracking the uptake and trajectory of COVID-19 vaccination coverage in 15 West African countries: an interim analysis.Afolabi, MO; Wariri, O; Saidu, Y; Otu, A; Omoleke, SA; Ebenso, B; Adebiyi, A; Ooko, M; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Seidu, A-A; Agogo, E; Nomhwange, T; Salami, K; Mohammed, NI; Yaya, S
2021-12Individual-, household-, and community-level factors associated with pregnant married women's discriminatory attitude towards people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: A multicountry cross-sectional study.Zegeye, B; Adjei, NK; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Yaya, S
2021-11-29Prevalence of anemia and its associated factors among married women in 19 sub-Saharan African countries.Zegeye, B; Anyiam, FE; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Yaya, S
2021-11-24Prevalence and sociodemographic factors associated with vision difficulties in Ghana, Gambia, and Togo: a multi-country analysis of recent multiple Indicator cluster surveys.Seidu, A-A; Agbadi, P; Duodu, PA; Dey, NEY; Duah, HO; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-11-24Rural-urban variation in hypertension among women in Ghana: insights from a national survey.Appiah, F; Ameyaw, EK; Oduro, JK; Baatiema, L; Sambah, F; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Budu, E
2021-11-11Bayesian Analysis of Predictors of Incomplete Vaccination against Polio among Children Aged 12-23 Months in Ethiopia.Chikako, TU; Seidu, A-A; Hagan, JE; Aboagye, RG; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-11-07Commentary: What should referral pathways have to improve healthcare experiences of women with female genital mutilation in Australia?Njue, C; Ameyaw, EK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Kimani, S
2021-10-29Is improvement in indicators of women's empowerment associated with uptake of WHO recommended IPTp-SP levels in sub-Saharan Africa? A multilevel approach.Ameyaw, EK; Njue, C; Amoah, RM; Appiah, F; Baatiema, L; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Ganle, JK; Yaya, S
2021-10-24Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Health Care Services among Married Women in Ethiopia: a Multi-level Analysis of the Ethiopia Demographic and Health SurveyZegeye, B; Adjei, NK; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Idriss-Wheeler, D; Yaya, S
2021-10-22Effects of Vaccine Health and Safety Perceptions on COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Ghana: Implications for Implementing Rollout ProgramsAram, SA; Hagan, JE; Mansoh, GKA; Saalidong, BM; Lartey, PO; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Ameyaw, EK; Appiah, A; Hotor, DW; Gyimah, J
2021-10-21Factors influencing the uptake of intermittent preventive treatment among pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel analysis.Darteh, EKM; Dickson, KS; Ahinkorah, BO; Owusu, BA; Okyere, J; Salihu, T; Bio Bediako, V; Budu, E; Agbemavi, W; Edjah, JO; Seidu, A-A