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2022-05-01Algorithmic bias in machine learning-based marketing modelsAkter, S; Dwivedi, YK; Sajib, S; Biswas, K; Bandara, RJ; Michael, K
2022-05Indonesian midwives' perspectives on changes in the provision of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study.Hazfiarini, A; Zahroh, RI; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Bohren, MA
2021-11-01Addressing Algorithmic Bias in AI-Driven Customer ManagementAkter, S; Dwivedi, YK; Biswas, K; Michael, K; Bandara, RJ; Sajib, S
2021-10-12How to empower analytics capability to tackle emergency situations?Akter, S; Bandara, RJ; Sajib, S
2021-10-11'We are going into battle without appropriate armour': A qualitative study of Indonesian midwives' experiences in providing maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic.Hazfiarini, A; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Zahroh, RI; Bohren, MA
2021-10-01Algorithmic bias in data-driven innovation in the age of AIAkter, S; McCarthy, G; Sajib, S; Michael, K; Dwivedi, YK; D'Ambra, J; Shen, KN
2021-09-26SARS-CoV-2 variants and environmental effects of lockdowns, masks and vaccination: a review.Akter, S; Zakia, MA; Mofijur, M; Ahmed, SF; Vo, D-VN; Khandaker, G; Mahlia, TMI
2021-07Modeling the optimal mitigation of potential impact of climate change on coastal ecosystems.Mandal, S; Islam, MS; Biswas, MHA; Akter, S
2021-01-01Discovering tourist preference for electing destinations: a pattern mining based approachIslam, MR; Abdul Kader Jilani, MM; Miah, SJ; Akter, S; Ulhaq, A
2019-12-31A mathematical model applied to understand the dynamical behavior of predator Prey modelAkter, S; Islam, MS; Biswas, MHA; MANDAL, S
2016-05-01Zinc supplementation for improving glucose handling in pre-diabetes: A double blind randomized placebo controlled pilot studyIslam, MR; Attia, J; Ali, L; McEvoy, M; Selim, S; Sibbritt, D; Akhter, A; Akter, S; Peel, R; Faruque, O; Mona, T; Lona, H; Milton, AH