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5-Feb-2018An effort-based evaluation of pedestrian route choice behaviourAlwidyan, F; Al-Ani, A; Kirchner, N; Zeibots, M
31-Jan-2018A clustering fusion technique for MR brain tissue segmentationAl-Dmour, H; Al-Ani, A
15-Oct-2017Dynamically identifying relevant EEG channels by utilizing channels classification behaviourAl-Ani, A; Koprinska, I; Naik, G
1-Oct-2017A Framework of Temporal-Spatial Descriptors-Based Feature Extraction for Improved Myoelectric Pattern RecognitionKhushaba, RN; Al-Timemy, AH; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A
13-Sep-2017Differences in lower limb muscle activation patterns during Sit to Stand Task for different heel heightsNaik, GR; Pratihast, M; Chai, R; Al-Ani, A; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
28-Aug-2017Does heel height cause imbalance during sit-to-stand task: surface EMG perspectiveNaik, GR; Al-Ani, A; Gobbo, M; Nguyen, HT
21-Apr-2017Leaf nitrogen determination using non-destructive techniques–A reviewAli, MM; Al-Ani, A; Eamus, D; Tan, DKY
9-Feb-2017A fusion of time-domain descriptors for improved myoelectric hand controlKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Timemy, A; Al-Jumaily, A
15-Jan-2017Predicting tDCS treatment outcomes of patients with major depressive disorder using automated EEG classificationAl-Kaysi, AM; Al-Ani, A; Loo, CK; Powell, TY; Martin, DM; Breakspear, M; Boonstra, TW
1-Jan-2017Translating dialectal Arabic as low resource language using word embeddingAlmansor, EH; Al-Ani, A
30-Dec-2016EEG rhythm/channel selection for fuzzy rule-based alertness state characterizationAl-Ani, A; Mesbah, M
22-Dec-2016MR Brain Image Segmentation Based on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering MethodsAl-Dmour, H; Al-Ani, A
31-Oct-2016A dynamic channel selection algorithm for the classification of EEG and EMG dataAl-Ani, A; Koprinska, I; Naik, GR; Khushaba, RN
13-Oct-2016Myoelectric feature extraction using temporal-spatial descriptors for multifunction prosthetic hand controlKhushaba, RN; Al-Timemy, A; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A
13-Oct-2016Predicting brain stimulation treatment outcomes of depressed patients through the classification of EEG oscillationsAl-Kaysi, AM; Al-Ani, A; Loo, CK; Breakspear, M; Boonstra, TW
Aug-2016Myoelectric feature extraction using temporal-spatial descriptors for multifunction prosthetic hand control.Khushaba, RN; Al-Timemy, A; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A
1-Apr-2016Quality optimized medical image information hiding algorithm that employs edge detection and data codingAl-Dmour, H; Al-Ani, A
1-Jan-2016Empirical studies of geographically distributed agile development communication challenges: A systematic reviewAlzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Al-Ani, A
1-Jan-2016A Bottleneck Investigation at Escalator Entry at the Brisbane Central Train StationAl Widyan, F; Al-Ani, A; Kirchner, N; Zeibots, M
1-Jan-2015Motor imagery task classification using a signal-dependent orthogonal transform based feature extractionMesbah, M; Khorshidtalab, A; Baali, H; Al-Ani, A