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2023-01-01A New Augmented Reality System for Calculating Social Distancing between Children at SchoolAlshaweesh, O; Wedyan, M; Alazab, M; Abu-Salih, B; Al-Jumaily, A
2022-01-01Deep Learning Inspired Feature Engineering for Classifying Tremor SeverityTaee, AA; Hosseini, S; Khushaba, RN; Zia, T; Lin, CT; Al-Jumaily, A
2021-12-01Multiview Eye Localisation to Measure Cattle Body Temperature Based on Automated Thermal Image Processing and Computer VisionJaddoa, MA; Gonzalez, L; Cuthbertson, H; Al-Jumaily, A
2021-04-20Infrared Thermal Imaging for Evaluation of Clubfoot After the Ponseti Casting Method—An Exploratory StudyGanesan, B; Yip, J; Luximon, A; Gibbons, PJ; Chivers, A; Balasankar, SK; Tong, RK-Y; Chai, R; Al-Jumaily, A
2021-04-16Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak Quarantine, Isolation, and Lockdown Policies on Mental Health and SuicideGanesan, B; Al-Jumaily, A; Fong, KNK; Prasad, P; Meena, SK; Tong, RK-Y
2021-02-01Improved myoelectric pattern recognition of finger movement using rejection-based extreme learning machineAnam, K; Al-Jumaily, A
2021-01-27Augmentation in Healthcare: Augmented Biosignal Using Deep Learning and Tensor RepresentationIbrahim, M; Wedyan, M; Alturki, R; Khan, MA; Al-Jumaily, A
2021-01-01Active vibration control in human forearm model using paired piezoelectric sensor and actuatorHosseini, SM; Kalhori, H; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-07Recurrent Fusion of Time-Domain Descriptors Improves EMG-based Hand Movement Recognition.Al Taee, AA; Khushaba, RN; Al-Timemy, AH; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-07A Position Weight Matrix Feature Extraction Algorithm Improves Hand Gesture Recognition.Chahid, A; Khushaba, R; Al-Jumaily, A; Laleg-Kirati, T-M
2020-05-27Kinect-based 3D assessment for clubfoot deformity: An exploratory studyGanesan, B; Yip, J; Luximon, A; Choukou, MA; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-01-01Multi View Face Detection in Cattle Using Infrared ThermographyJaddoa, M; Gonzalez, L; Cuthbertson, H; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-01-01Orientation Sensitive Fuzzy C Means Based Fast Level Set Evolution for Segmentation of Histopathological Images to Detect Skin CancerMasood, A; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-01-01Electrogastrogram Based Medical Applications an Overview and Processing Frame WorkAl-Tae, AA; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-01-01Early Diagnose of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Machine Learning Based on Simple Upper Limb MovementsWedyan, M; Al-Jumaily, A; Crippa, A
2020A cost-effective method for epileptic seizure classificationMursalin, M; Islam, SMS; Al-Jumaily, A
2020Comparison of EEG pattern recognition of motor imagery for finger movement classificationAnam, K; Nuh, M; Al-Jumaily, A
2019-11-20Using machine learning to perform early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder based on simple upper limb movementsWedyan, M; Al-Jumaily, A; Crippa, A
2019-07Spatially Filtered Low-Density EMG and Time-Domain Descriptors Improves Hand Movement Recognition.Al Taee, AA; Khushaba, RN; Al-Jumaily, A
2019-05-01Analytical solution for forced vibration of piezoelectrically actuated Timoshenko beamHosseini, SM; Al-Jumaily, A