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2023-02-01Investigation of electronic structure, optical properties, map of electrostatic potential, and toxicity of HfO<inf>2</inf>, Hf<inf>0.88</inf>Si<inf>0.12</inf>O<inf>2</inf>, Hf<inf>0.88</inf>Ge<inf>0.12</inf>O<inf>2</inf> and Hf<inf>0.88</inf>Sn<inf>0.12</inf>O<inf>2</inf> by computational and virtual screeningChakma, U; Kumer, A; Al Mashud, MA; Hossain, MS; Alam, MM; Islam, MS; Shaikh, R; Jony, IJ; Islam, J
2022-06-13A Novel DC/DC Three Port Converter with Fault-Tolerant AbilityAlam, MM; Aljarajreh, H; Farhangi, M; Dylan D.-C., L; Siwakoti, YP
2022-06-01Metals in e-waste: Occurrence, fate, impacts and remediation technologiesChakraborty, SC; Qamruzzaman, M; Zaman, MWU; Alam, MM; Hossain, MD; Pramanik, BK; Nguyen, LN; Nghiem, LD; Ahmed, MF; Zhou, JL; Mondal, MIH; Hossain, MA; Johir, MAH; Ahmed, MB; Sithi, JA; Zargar, M; Moni, MA
2021-11-16Review of Battery Balancing Techniques based on Structure and Control StrategyAlam, MM; Lu, DD-C; Aguilera, RP
2021-01-01A Systematic Review of Human-Computer Interaction and Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence TechniquesNazar, M; Alam, MM; Yafi, E; Su'Ud, MM
2020-12-01Zeolite synthesis from low-cost materials and environmental applications: A reviewKhaleque, A; Alam, MM; Hoque, M; Mondal, S; Haider, JB; Xu, B; Johir, MAH; Karmakar, AK; Zhou, JL; Ahmed, MB; Moni, MA
2020-04-01Advanced treatment technologies efficacies and mechanism of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances removal from waterAhmed, MB; Alam, MM; Zhou, JL; Xu, B; Johir, MAH; Karmakar, AK; Rahman, MS; Hossen, J; Hasan, ATMK; Moni, MA
2020-01-01Small signal analysis of dual input buck converterAlam, MM; Lu, DC; Siwakoti, Y
2016-07-12Soret and Dufour effects on MHD viscoelastic fluid flow through a vertical flat plate with constant suctionHossain, SI; Alam, MM; Ali, M; Akanda, MAS; Morshed, AKMM
2015-03-01MHD viscoelastic fluid flow through a vertical flat plate with soret and dufour effectHossain, SI; Alam, MM
2015-01-01Thermal diffusion effect on unsteady viscous MHD micropolar fluid flow through an infinite vertical plate with hall and ion-slip currentAnika, NN; Hoque, MM; Hossain, SI; Alam, MM; Islam, AKMS; Amin, MR; Ali, M; Setoguchi, T
2015-01-01Effects of thermal diffusion on viscoelastic fluid flow through a vertical flat plateHossain, SI; Alam, MM; Islam, AKMS; Amin, MR; Ali, M; Setoguchi, T