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2021Hooking up with friends: LGBTQ plus young people, dating apps, friendship and safetyByron, P; Albury, K; Pym, T
2020-11-12What adolescents think of relationship portrayals on social media: a qualitative study.Taba, M; Lewis, L; Cooper, SC; Albury, K; Chung, KSK; Lim, M; Bateson, D; Kang, M; Skinner, SR
2020-01-01Dating apps as public health ‘problems’: cautionary tales and vernacular pedagogies in news mediaAlbury, K; McCosker, A; Pym, T; Byron, P
2020-01-01‘I still want to know they’re not terrible people’: Negotiating ‘queer community’ on dating appsPym, T; Byron, P; Albury, K
2019-06Modern love: young people. sex, relationships and social mediaMcKee, A; Lumby, C; Albury, K; Gleeson, K; Lumby, C
2019-05-17Prospective mixed methods study of online and offline social networks and the development of sexual agency in adolescence: The Social Networks and Agency Project (SNAP) protocolLim, MSC; Cooper, S; Lewis, L; Albury, K; Chung, KSK; Bateson, D; Kang, M; Skinner, SR
2018-12-01Locked down apps versus the social media ecology: Why do young people and educators disagree on the best delivery platform for digital sexual health entertainment education?McKee, A; Albury, K; Burgess, J; Light, B; Osman, K; Walsh, A
2018-11-01"There are literally no rules when it comes to these things": ethical practice and the use of dating/hook-up appsByron, P; Albury, K; Dobson, AS; Robards, B; Carah, N
2018-10-22Taking off the risk goggles: Exploring the intersection of young people's sexual and digital citizenship in sexual health promotionAlbury, K; Byron, P
2018Ethical issues in qualitative research addressing sensitive issues with children and young peopleLumby, C; Albury, K; McKee, A; Hugman, S; Grealy, L; Driscoll, C; Hickey-Moody, A
2018‘I Didn’t Want to Wake up to That’: Rules and etiquette in young people’s use of dating/hook-up appsByron, P; Albury, K; Dobson, AS; Robards, B; Carah, N
2017Sexual cultures, entertainment media and communications technologyMcKee, A; Albury, K; Allen, L; Rasmussen, ML
2016-10-01Safe on My Phone? Same-Sex Attracted Young People’s Negotiations of Intimacy, Visibility, and Risk on Digital Hook-Up AppsAlbury, K; Byron, P
2010-01-01Healthy sexual development: A multidisciplinary framework for researchMcKee, A; Albury, K; Dunne, M; Grieshaber, S; Hartley, J; Lumby, C; Mathews, B