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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04An Advanced Decision-Making Model for Evaluating Manufacturing Plant locations using Fuzzy Inference SystemPaul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Ahsan, K; Ali, SM; Kabir, G
2022-02Critical Success Factors for Supply Chain Sustainability in the Wood Industry: An Integrated PCA-ISM ModelPaul, S; Ali, SM; Hasan, MA; Paul, S; Kabir, G
2021-12-153D printing for membrane desalination: Challenges and future prospectsSoo, A; Ali, SM; Shon, HK
2021-11-01Dynamic feed spacer for fouling minimization in forward osmosis processAli, SM; Kim, Y; Qamar, A; Naidu, G; Phuntsho, S; Ghaffour, N; Vrouwenvelder, JS; Shon, HK
2021-11Measuring sustainability performance using an integrated modelSarker, MR; Ali, SM; Paul, SK; Munim, ZH
2021-10Removal of pharmaceuticals from nitrified urine.Almuntashiri, A; Hosseinzadeh, A; Volpin, F; Ali, SM; Dorji, U; Shon, H; Phuntsho, S
2021-08-15Forward osmosis system design and optimization using a commercial cellulose triacetate hollow fibre membrane module for energy efficient desalinationAli, SM; Im, SJ; Jang, A; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2021-07Contextual relationships among key factors related to environmental sustainability: evidence from an emerging economySabuj, SU; Ali, SM; Hasan, KW; Paul, SK
2021-05Key Challenges to Sustainable Humanitarian Supply Chains: Lessons from the COVID-19 PandemicKaruppiah, K; Sankaranarayanan, B; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2021-04-01Integrated economic design of quality control and maintenance management: Implications for managing manufacturing processSaha, R; Azeem, A; Hasan, KW; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2021-03-26Novel hole-pillar spacer design for improved hydrodynamics and biofouling mitigation in membrane filtrationQamar, A; Kerdi, S; Ali, SM; Shon, HK; Vrouwenvelder, JS; Ghaffour, N
2021Modeling drivers to big data analytics in supply chainsSiddique, MNA; Hasan, KW; Ali, SM; Moktadir, MA; Paul, S; Kabir, G
2020-12Conceptual design of a dynamic turbospacer for efficient low pressure membrane filtrationAli, SM; Qamar, A; Phuntsho, S; Ghaffour, N; Vrouwenvelder, JS; Shon, HK
2020-11Strategies to Manage the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Supply Chain: Implications for Improving Economic and Social SustainabilityTaqi, HMM; Ahmed, HN; Paul, S; Garshasbi, M; Ali, SM; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
2020-10-01Surface modification of thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes with polyvinyl alcohol–graphene oxide composite hydrogels for antifouling propertiesAkther, N; Ali, SM; Phuntsho, S; Shon, H
2020-09Barriers to Lean Six Sigma Implementation in the Supply Chain: An ISM ModelAli, SM; Hossen, MA; Mahtab, Z; Kabir, G; Paul, S; Adnan, ZUH
2020-08Critical success factors for a circular economy: Implications for business strategy and the environmentMoktadir, MA; Kumar, A; Ali, SM; Paul, SK; Sultana, R; Rezaei, J
2020-04An integrated approach to modeling the barriers in implementing green manufacturing practices in SMEsKaruppiah, K; Sankaranarayanan, B; Ali, SM; Chowdhury, P; Paul, SK
2020-04Modeling transportation disruptions in the supply chain of automotive parts manufacturing companyFartaj, SR; Kabir, G; Eghujovbo, V; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2020-04Evaluating strategies for environmental sustainability in a supply chain of an emerging economyRoy, S; Das, M; Ali, SM; Raihan, AS; Paul, SK; Kabir, G