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2022-03-25Hacking: Field Notes for Adaptive Urban Planning in Uncertain TimesAllan, P; Plant, R
2022-01-31Knowing through HarakekeSmith, H; Allan, P; Bryant, M; Schwabe, A; Pascual, D
2022-01-01LEARNING TO PRACTICE CREATIVELY: Emergent techniques in the climate emergencyLewis, A; Ware, SA; Bryant, M; Lynch, J; Allan, P; Simon, K
2021-05-22Living with FireAllan, P; Melsom, J; Allan, P; Mandic, M
2021-05-22The Value of WaterBryant, M; Allan, P; Bryant, M; Allan, P
2020Landscape as middle ground: a resilience approach to conservation and promotion of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Levuka, FijiAllan, P
2019-05-01DIY laneway greening – simplifying vertical greening at a community level. Milestone Report 1.Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Allan, P; Torpy, F; Douglas, A; Pettit, T
2019Thresholds and contingencies: A design process for regional coastal resilienceAllan, P; Bryant, M; Mossop, E
2017-05-01Adaptation Strategies to Address Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Māori Communities in Aotearoa-New Zealand: A Case Study of Dairy Farming in the Horowhenua Coastal ZoneSmith, H; Allan, P; Bryant, M; Poutama, M; Spinks, A; Manning, M; Hardy, D; Richardson, J; Patterson, M; Richards, A
2017-03-10A settlers' guide: Designing for resilience in the hinterlandsBryant, M; Allan, P; Kebbell, S
2017He Whakawhiti Korero: A Conversation about a CollaborationSmith, H; Allan, P; McCarthy, C; Stocker, M
2015HīkoiBryant, M; Allan, P
2014-06-03The attributes of resilience: a tool in the evaluation and design of earthquake-prone citiesAllan, P; Bryant, M
2014The New NZ: methods for reimagining the identity of Aotearoa NZAllan, P; Smithery, J; Moloney, J; Twose, S
2013-05-01The Influence of Urban Morphology on the Resilience of Cities Following an EarthquakeAllan, P; Bryant, M; Wirsching, C; Garcia, D; Teresa Rodriguez, M
2013Open Space Innovation in Earthquake Affected CitiesBryant, M; Allan, P; Tiefenbacher, J
2013Research at the Interface: Bicultural studio in New Zealand, a Case StudyAllan, P; Smith, H
2012-01-01Tapestries and traditions: Urban ecology and city makingBryant, M; Allan, P
2011-09-01Resilience as a framework for urbanism and recoveryAllan, P; Bryant, M
-'Whakatairangitia rere ki uta, rere ki tai' ('Proclaim it to the land, proclaim it to the sea')Allan, P; Bryant, M; Smith, H