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2022-08-10Social equity is key to sustainable ocean governanceCrosman, KM; Allison, EH; Ota, Y; Cisneros-Montemayor, AM; Singh, GG; Swartz, W; Bailey, M; Barclay, KM; Blume, G; Colléter, M; Fabinyi, M; Faustman, EM; Fielding, R; Griffin, PJ; Hanich, Q; Harden-Davies, H; Kelly, RP; Kenny, T-A; Klinger, T; Kittinger, JN; Nakamura, K; Pauwelussen, AP; Pictou, S; Rothschild, C; Seto, KL; Spalding, AK
2021-11The role of voluntary commitments in realizing the promise of the Blue EconomyVoyer, M; Allison, EH; Farmery, A; Fabinyi, M; Steenbergen, DJ; van Putten, I; Song, AM; Ogier, E; Benzaken, D; Andrew, N
2021-10Morals and climate decision-making: insights from social and behavioural sciencesLau, JD; Song, AM; Morrison, T; Fabinyi, M; Brown, K; Blythe, J; Allison, EH; Adger, WN
2021-02-17Evolving the narrative for protecting a rapidly changing ocean, post‐COVID‐19. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.3512Ota, Y; Allison, EH; Fabinyi, M
2021-01Blind spots in visions of a “blue economy” could undermine the ocean's contribution to eliminating hunger and malnutritionFarmery, AK; Allison, EH; Andrew, NL; Troell, M; Voyer, M; Campbell, B; Eriksson, H; Fabinyi, M; Song, AM; Steenbergen, D
2019-01-01Securing a just space for small-scale fisheries in the blue economyCohen, PJ; Allison, EH; Andrew, NL; Cinner, J; Evans, LS; Fabinyi, M; Garces, LR; Hall, SJ; Hicks, CC; Hughes, TP; Jentoft, S; Mills, DJ; Masu, R; Mbaru, EK; Ratner, BD
2016-06-15Bright spots among the world's coral reefsCinner, JE; Huchery, C; MacNeil, MA; Graham, NAJ; McClanahan, TR; Maina, J; Maire, E; Kittinger, JN; Hicks, CC; Mora, C; Allison, EH; D'Agata, S; Hoey, A; Feary, DA; Crowder, L; Williams, ID; Kulbicki, M; Vigliola, L; Wantiez, L; Edgar, G; Stuart-Smith, RD; Sandin, SA; Green, AL; Hardt, MJ; Beger, M; Friedlander, A; Campbell, SJ; Holmes, KE; Wilson, SK; Brokovich, E; Brooks, AJ; Cruz-Motta, JJ; Booth, DJ; Chabanet, P; Gough, C; Tupper, M; Ferse, SCA; Sumaila, UR; Mouillot, D
2013-01-01Food security and the Coral Triangle InitiativeFoale, S; Adhuri, D; Aliño, P; Allison, EH; Andrew, N; Cohen, P; Evans, L; Fabinyi, M; Fidelman, P; Gregory, C; Stacey, N; Tanzer, J; Weeratunge, N