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2023-07-03Grants Process and Guidelines Interim Report, National Justice Reinvestment ProgramAllison, F
2023-07-02Justice reinvestment in CherbourgAllison, F
2023-01-01Coroners Courts and Death InvestigationsAllison, F; Cunneen, C
2022-11-24Call It Out Racism Register. The First Six Months.Allison, F; Cunneen, C
2022-10-24Redefining Reinvestment. An opportunity for Aboriginal communities and government to co-design justice reinvestment in NSW.Allison, F
2021-07-14First Nations Access to Justice: Race Discrimination LawAllison, F
2020-12-23Evaluation of the social support worker initiative at NT Legal Aid CommissionAllison, F
2020-11-26First Nations access to justice: race discrimination law, presentation at Law and Equality Forum, Sydney University, 26 November 2020Allison, F
2020-08-12Rethinking access to racial justice: Race discrimination and First Nations peoplesAllison, F; Luck, J
2020-03-17Cause for hope or despair? Evaluating race discrimination law as an access to justice mechanism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleAllison, F
2020Access to Justice in the Barkly: A Review of the Justice Too Far Away Report on Tennant Creek and Barkly Region’s Access to Legal Services and InformationAllison, F; Cunneen, C
2019A limited right to equality: evaluating the effectiveness of racial discrimination law for Indigenous Australians through an access to justice lensAllison, F
2019Justice Reinvestment: linking health and justice8th Rural Health and ResearchAllison, F
2018Cairns South Collective Impact Towards Strategic PrioritiesAllison, F
2018Justice Reinvestment in Northern AustraliaAllison, F; Cunneen, C
2017The Civil and Family Law Needs of Indigenous People Forty Years After Sackville: The findings of the Indigenous Legal Needs ProjectSchwartz, M; Allison, F; Cunneen, C
2016Justice Reinvestment in Cairns: Briefing Paper for Key StakeholdersAllison, F
2013The Civil and family law needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia: the Indigenous Legal Needs Project II, presentation to NACLC Conference, Cairns QLD 24-26 July 2013Allison, F