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2022-04-29Classroom Dandelions: Visualising Participant Position, Trajectory and Body Orientation Augments Teachers' SensemakingFernandez-Nieto, G; An, P; Zhao, J; Buckingham Shum, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2021-09-01Learning from EPI-Volume-Stack for Light Field image angular super-resolutionLiu, D; Wu, Q; Huang, Y; Huang, X; An, P
2021-05-13Multi-Models Fusion for Light Field Angular Super-ResolutionCao, F; An, P; Huang, X; Yang, C; Wu, Q
2021-04-13What Can Analytics for Teamwork Proxemics Reveal About Positioning Dynamics In Clinical Simulations?Fernandez-Nieto, G; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Echeverria, V; Kitto, K; An, P; Buckingham Shum, S
2021-01-01Frequency-Dependent Depth Map Enhancement via Iterative Depth-Guided Affine Transformation and Intensity-Guided RefinementZuo, Y; Fang, Y; An, P; Shang, X; Yang, J
2020-11-01Error sensitivity model based on spatial and temporal featuresMa, R; Li, T; Bo, D; Wu, Q; An, P
2020-02-01Multi-Scale Frequency Reconstruction for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution via Deep Residual NetworkZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Fang, Y; An, P; Huang, L; Chen, Z
2020-01-01Light Field Compression Using Global Multiplane Representation and Two-Step PredictionChen, Y; An, P; Huang, X; Yang, C; Liu, D; Wu, Q
2020-01-01Multi-Angular Epipolar Geometry Based Light Field Angular Reconstruction NetworkLiu, D; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Ma, R; An, P
2020Modified baseline for light field stitchingChen, Y; An, P; Huang, X; Meng, C; Wu, Q
2019-05-02Unobtrusively enhancing reflection-in-action of teachers through spatially distributed ambient informationAn, P; Bakker, S; Ordanovski, S; Taconis, R; Paffen, CLE; Eggen, B
2019-05-02Classbeacons: Enhancing reflection-inaction of teachers through spatially distributed ambient informationAn, P; Ordanovski, S; Paffen, CLE; Bakker, S; Taconis, R; Eggen, B
2019-03-07Jointly learning perceptually heterogeneous features for blind 3D video quality assessmentWang, Y; Shuai, Y; Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; An, P
2019-03-01A computational model for stereoscopic visual saliency predictionCheng, H; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; An, P
2019-02-04Light-field compression using a pair of steps and depth estimationHuang, X; An, P; Cao, F; Liu, D; Wu, Q
2019-01-01Enhanced saliency prediction via free energy principleYe, P; Wang, Y; Xia, Y; An, P; Zhang, J
2018-08-01Minimum Spanning Forest with Embedded Edge Inconsistency Measurement Model for Guided Depth Map EnhancementZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
2018-07-01Integrated cosparse analysis model with explicit edge inconsistency measurement for guided depth map upsamplingZuo, Y; Wu, Q; An, P; Shang, X
2018-02-01Explicit Edge Inconsistency Evaluation Model for Color-Guided Depth Map EnhancementZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
2017-12-01Stereoscopic visual saliency prediction based on stereo contrast and stereo focusCheng, H; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; An, P; Liu, Z