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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2015A New Measure of Wireless Network ConnectivityDasgupta, S; Mao, G; Anderson, B
23-Jun-2015Trümmer GeographiesAnderson, B
1-Dec-2014The Architectural FlawAnderson, B; van Schaik, L; Ware, S; Fudge, C; London, G
3-Aug-2014Urban Atmospheres: at the interface of airAnderson, B; Attiwill, S; Murray, P
2014Capacity of Large Wireless Networks with Generally Distributed NodesMao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2013Breathe - wearing your airAnderson, B; Diniz, N; Cleland, K; Fisher, L; Harley, R
Jan-2013Critical Density for Connectivity in 2D and 3D Wireless Multi-Hop NetworksNg, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2013Out of Space: The rise of vagrancy in scenographyAnderson, B
Jan-2013Connectivity of Large Wireless Networks under a General Connection ModelMao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2013Opportunistic Broadcast in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Subject to Channel RandomnessZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, B; Mattheisen, C; Hanzo, L
Jan-2013Analytical Characterization of Computationally Efficient Localization TechniquesMotevallian, SA; Mao, G; Anderson, B; You, X; Li, Z; Zhang, X
Jan-2012Off-stage: the interior of performanceAnderson, B; Churchill, L; Smith, D
Jan-2012Towards a Better Understanding of Large-Scale Network ModelsMao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2012On the Properties of One-Dimensional Infrastructure-Based Wireless Multi-Hop NetworksNg, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2012On the Hop Count Statistics in Wireless Multihop Networks Subject to FadingZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2012Multi-realization Of Nonlinear SystemsSu, SW; Anderson, B; Chen, W; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2011Analytical Bounds on the Critical Density for Percolation in Wireless Multi-Hop NetworksNg, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, B; Gaspard, LRF; Jr; Anderson, R
Jan-2011On The k-hop Partial Connectivity in Finite Wireless Multi-hop NetworksZhang, Z; Ng, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, B; Uji, N; Asatani, K
Jan-2011On the Information Propagation Process in Mobile Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, B
Jan-2011Probability of k-Hop Connection under Random Connection ModelMao, G; Zhang, Z; Anderson, B