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1-Jun-2017Robust Localization Using Range Measurements With Unknown and Bounded ErrorsShi, X; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO; Yang, Z; Chen, J
1-Jun-2015Energy-efficient broadcast in mobile networks subject to channel randomnessMao, G; Anderson, BDO
10-Apr-2014Estimating distances via connectivity in wireless sensor networksHuang, B; Yu, C; Anderson, BDO; Mao, G
1-Feb-2014Stochastic characterization of information propagation process in vehicular ad hoc networksZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
21-Aug-2013Analytical characterization of computationally efficient localization techniquesMotevallian, SA; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
22-Feb-2013Critical density for connectivity in 2D and 3D wireless multi-hop networksNg, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
20-Feb-2013Connectivity of large wireless networks under a general connection modelMao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Jan-2013Opportunistic broadcast in mobile ad-hoc networks subject to channel randomnessZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Jan-2013Stabilization of stiff formations with a mix of direction and distance constraintsBishop, AN; Summers, TH; Anderson, BDO
8-Jun-2012On the properties of one-dimensional infrastructure-based wireless multi-hop networksAnderson, BDO
1-Apr-2012Towards a better understanding of large-scale network modelsMao, G; Anderson, BDO
2-Sep-2011On the kappa-hop partial connectivity in finite wireless multi-hop networksAnderson, BDO
1-Dec-2008On the connectivity properties of wireless multi-hop networksTa, X; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Jan-2008Phase Transition Properties in K-connected Wireless Multi-hop NetworksTa, X; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Apr-2006Minimal multirealization of MIMO linear systemsSu, SW; Anderson, BDO; Brinsmead, TS