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1-Mar-2014Digital Youth: Towards a New Multidisciplinary Research NetworkJuncker, B; Balling, G; Martens, M; Anderson, TK; Dresang, E; Fisher, K; Davis, K
1-Mar-2014Storying Research: Conducting Research in New Formats and New VoicesAnderson, TK; Astrom, F; Francke, H; Kjellberg, S
1-Sep-2013The 4Ps of innovation culture: conceptions of creatively engaging with informationAnderson, TK
1-Mar-2013What Price Privacy in a Data-intensive World?Anderson, TK; Gardiner, G
1-Jan-2013Plan|play|pressure|pause. Engaging creative information practicesAnderson, TK; Bowler, L; Nathan, L; Trauth, E
Jan-2013Reinventing Manly: A Suburb on the Margins of a World CityAnderson, TK; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2013Tweens and their in-betweens: Giving voice to young people when exploring emerging information practices associated with smart devicesAnderson, TK
Jan-2012Information Science and 21st Century Information Practices: creatively engaging with informationAnderson, TK; Bawden, D; Robinson, L
Jan-2011Beyond eureka moments: supporting the invisible work of creativity and innovationAnderson, TK
Jan-2010Using Storytelling to describe and analyze fieldwork experiences of knowledge generationAnderson, TK; Gronseth, AS; Davis, DL
Jan-2010Mobile design: giving voice to children and young peopleAnderson, TK; Donald, SH; Anderson, TD; Spry, D
Jan-2010UncertaintyAnderson, TK; Bates, MJ; Maack, MN
Jan-2010Kickstarting Creativity: Supporting the productive faces of uncertainty in information practiceAnderson, TK
Jan-2009Teaching the socio-technical practices of tomorrow todayAnderson, TK; Whitworth, B; Moor, AD
Jan-2009Research project as boundary object: negotiating the conceptual design of a tool for international developmentLight, A; Anderson, TK; Wagner, I; Tellioglu, H; Balka, E; Simone, C; Ciofi, L
Jan-2009Children, Technology and Social Values: Enabling Children's Voices in a Pluralistic WorldAnderson, TK; Meyers, E; Druin, A; Fleischmann, K; Nathan, L; Unsworth, K; Grove Andrew
Jan-2009Diverse Approaches to 'Tasks' in Information Science: Conceptual and Methodological InsightsMeyers, E; Anderson, TK; Byström, K; Freund, L; Limberg, L; Toms, E; Grove Andrew
Jan-2009Assessing Online Collaboratories: A Peer Review of Teaching and LearningAnderson, TK; Parker, NJ; McKenzie, JA; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
Jan-2008Relevant Intra-Actions in Networked EnvironmentsAnderson, TK; Goh, D; Foo, S
Jan-2008Rhythms of being at ISIC - understanding the place of the ISIC conferences in information seeking researchAnderson, TK; Orsatti, J