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2020-08-19Antenatal-Based Pilot Psychosocial Intervention to Enhance Mental Health of Pregnant Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence in Nepal.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Rijal P; Anderson D
2020-06-29Age at menarche and risk of vasomotor menopausal symptoms: a pooled analysis of six studiesAnderson D
2020-05Do antibiotics have a role in treating injured workers with chronic low back pain? Systematic review and meta-analysis.Mylordi C; Anderson D; van Gelder J
2020-03Physical activity and cognitive changes in younger women after breast cancer treatment.Arneil M; Anderson D; Alexander K; McCarthy A
2020-01-21Development and Validation of an Information Booklet Aimed at Promoting Mental Health for Pregnant Women with a History of Abuse.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Budhathoki SS; Pokharel R; Basnet S; Anderson D
2020-01'We don't see because we don't ask': Qualitative exploration of service users' and health professionals' views regarding a psychosocial intervention targeting pregnant women experiencing domestic and family violence.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Rijal P; Pokharel R; Anderson D
2019-11Age at natural menopause and risk of incident cardiovascular disease: a pooled analysis of individual patient data.Zhu D; Chung H-F; Dobson AJ; Pandeya N; Giles GG; Bruinsma F; Brunner EJ; Kuh D; Hardy R; Avis NE; Gold EB; Derby CA; Matthews KA; Cade JE; Greenwood DC; Demakakos P; Brown DE; Sievert LL; Anderson D; Hayashi K; Lee JS; Mizunuma H; Tillin T; Simonsen MK; Adami H-O; Weiderpass E; Mishra GD