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2023-12-01Evaluating the generation of microplastics from an unlikely source: The unintentional consequence of the current plastic recycling process.Stapleton, MJ; Ansari, AJ; Ahmed, A; Hai, FI
2023-10-01Change in the chemical, mechanical and physical properties of plastics due to UVA degradation in different water matrices: A study on the recyclability of littered plastics.Stapleton, MJ; Ansari, AJ; Ahmed, A; Hai, FI
2023-04-15Antibiotic sorption onto microplastics in water: A critical review of the factors, mechanisms and implications.Stapleton, MJ; Ansari, AJ; Hai, FI
2023-01-01Membrane distillation-liquid desiccant air-conditioning for thermal comfort in buildingsDuong, HC; Cao, HT; Nghiem, LD; Ansari, AJ; Le, NL; Doan, TO; Nguyen, NC
2022-08-05Assessment of pilot direct contact membrane distillation regeneration of lithium chloride solution in liquid desiccant air-conditioning systems using computer simulation.Duong, HC; Nghiem, LD; Ansari, AJ; Vu, TD; Nguyen, KM
2022-06-01Influence of operating parameters and membrane fouling on nutrient transport by FO membraneSuleman, SB; Hai, FI; Mukhtar, H; Duong, HC; Ansari, AJ
2022-01-01New transformation products from ozonation and photolysis of diclofenac in the aqueous phaseAlharbi, SK; Ansari, AJ; Nghiem, LD; Price, WE
2020-09-01Membrane Distillation for Strategic Water Treatment Applications: Opportunities, Challenges, and Current StatusDuong, HC; Ansari, AJ; Hailemariam, RH; Woo, YC; Pham, TM; Ngo, LT; Dao, DT; Nghiem, LD
2020-08-01Membrane distillation regeneration of liquid desiccant solution for air-conditioning: Insights into polarisation effects and mass transferDuong, HC; Ansari, AJ; Cao, HT; Nguyen, NC; Do, KU; Nghiem, LD
2019-12-01Membrane Processes for the Regeneration of Liquid Desiccant Solution for Air ConditioningDuong, HC; Ansari, AJ; Nghiem, LD; Cao, HT; Vu, TD; Nguyen, TP
2019-11-01Understanding the mechanisms of trace organic contaminant removal by high retention membrane bioreactors: a critical reviewAsif, MB; Ansari, AJ; Chen, SS; Nghiem, LD; Price, WE; Hai, FI
2019-08-01A novel application of membrane distillation to facilitate nickel recovery from electroplating wastewaterDuong, HC; Pham, TM; Luong, ST; Nguyen, KV; Nguyen, DT; Ansari, AJ; Nghiem, LD
2019-02-10Occurrence and bioconcentration of micropollutants in Silver Perch (Bidyanus bidyanus) in a reclaimed water reservoirTerechovs, AKE; Ansari, AJ; McDonald, JA; Khan, SJ; Hai, FI; Knott, NA; Zhou, J; Nghiem, LD
2018-12-01Low Carbon Desalination by Innovative Membrane Materials and ProcessesDuong, HC; Ansari, AJ; Nghiem, LD; Pham, TM; Pham, TD
2018-07-01Assessing the integration of forward osmosis and anaerobic digestion for simultaneous wastewater treatment and resource recoveryAnsari, AJ; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Nghiem, LD
2018-07-01Performance of a seawater-driven forward osmosis process for pre-concentrating digested sludge centrate: Organic enrichment and membrane foulingVu, MT; Ansari, AJ; Hai, FI; Nghiem, LD
2018-03-01Physical cleaning techniques to control fouling during the pre-concentration of high suspended-solid content solutions for resource recovery by forward osmosisAnsari, AJ; Hai, FI; He, T; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD
2017-01-01Forward osmosis as a platform for resource recovery from municipal wastewater - A critical assessment of the literatureAnsari, AJ; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Drewes, JE; Nghiem, LD
2016-05-11Phosphorus recovery from digested sludge centrate using seawater-driven forward osmosisAnsari, AJ; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD
2016-01-01Factors governing the pre-concentration of wastewater using forward osmosis for subsequent resource recoveryAnsari, AJ; Hai, FI; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD