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2022-06-01States of prison abolition: COVID-19 and anti-colonial and anti-racist organisingAnthony, T; Chartrand, V
2022-02-01Criminal Justice IssuesAnthony, T; Kirby, M
2021-12-17Hyperincarceration and IndigeneityAnthony, T; Blagg, H
2021-11-09In Defence of Decolonisation: a response toSouthern CriminologyAnthony, T; Webb, R; Sherwood, J; Blagg, H; Deckert, A
2021-10-08NT Laws Reproduce Carceral Politics Governing Aboriginal ChildrenAnthony, T; Cubillo, E
2021-09-29Indigenous Courthouse and Courtroom Design in Australia: Case studies, design paradigms, and the issue of cultural agencyJulian R, M; Elizabeth, G; Anthony, T; Duncanson, K; Henderson, E
2021-09-29ForewordAnthony, T
2021-09-13“We’re Not Being Treated Like Mothers”: Listening to the Stories of First Nations Mothers in PrisonAnthony, T; Sentance, G; Behrendt, L
2021-08-27Indigenous courthouse and courtroom design in AustraliaMurphy, JR; Grant, E; Anthony, T
2021-04-2130 years on: Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody recommendations remain unimplementedAnthony, T; Williams, M; Jordan, K; Walsh, T; Markham, F
2021-03-23Marx and anti-colonialismAnthony, T
2021-01-29Biopower of Colonialism in Carceral Contexts: Implications for Aboriginal Deaths in CustodyAnthony, T; Blagg, H
2020-10-19Ethical Conduct in Indigenous Research: It’s Just Good MannersSherwood, T; Anthony, T; George, L; Tauri, J; MacDonald, LTAOT
2020-10-01Transcending Colonial Legacies: From Criminal Justice to Indigenous Women’s HealingAnthony, T; Sentance, G; Bartels, L; George, L; Norris, A; Deckert, A; Tauri, J
2020-08-01'The System Doesn't Care About Our Children': First Nations Mothers in PrisonAnthony, T
2020-04-20Taking a lens to the chase in Australian settler state colonialismAnthony, T; Tranter, K
2020-02-29Hyperincarceration and IndigeneityAnthony, T; Blagg, H
2020-01-02Introduction to the Griffith Law Review Commission of Inquiry special issueSchofield-Georgeson, E; Anthony, T
2020-01-01Roads to freedom? Indigenous mobility and settler law in Central AustraliaAnthony, T; Blagg, H; Carlen, P; Ayres França, L
2020Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations: Interdisciplinary PerspectivesAnthony, T