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20-Aug-2018Educators, professional bodies and the future of the valuation professionWilkinson, S; Halvitigala, D; Antoniades, H
1-Aug-2018CoWorking Space v. The Traditional Office Space: Challenges and Opportunities in SydneyAntoniades, H; Halvitigala, D; Eves, C
1-Jul-2018Coworking Culture - Challenges and Opportunities for Office LandlordsHalvitigala, D; Antoniades, H; Eves, C
1-Jan-2018The future of the Australian valuation profession: New knowledge, emerging trends and practicesWilkinson, S; Antoniades, H; Halvitigala, D
1-Jan-2018The portrayal of Australian women in property publicationsAntoniades, H; Warren, CMJ
2018Transforming the commercial property market in Australian Cities: Contemporary practices and the future potential of green roof retrofitWilkinson, SJ; Van der Kallen, P; Teale, A; Antoniades, H; Eames, M; Dixon, T; Hunt, M; Lannon, S
5-Jul-2017Meeting Changing Industry Expectations From Australian Property Valuation GraduatesHalvitigala, D; Wilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H
20-Jan-2017The Future Of The Valuation ProfessionWilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H; Halvitigala, D
17-Jan-2017The Future Of The Valuation Profession: Shaping The Strategic Direction Of The Profession For 2030Wilkinson, SJ; Halvitigala, D; Antoniades, H
8-Jul-2016A Historical Perspective on the Epistemological Evolution of Education for Occupational Licensing in the Construction IndustryAntoniades, H; Singhaputtangkul, N
1-Jul-2016Accounting and Business Management for BuildersAntoniades, H
27-Jun-2016A review of training for licensed occupations in the New South Wales property services industryBatt, C; Antoniades, H; Rowe, T; Stowell, R
1-Feb-2016Gender in the Property Industry and Professional Bodies - An Australian PerspectiveWarren, C; Antoniades, H
1-Jan-2016Accounting and Taxation for the Valuation ProfessionAntoniades, H
1-Jan-2016Real Estate Trust AccountingAntoniades, H
1-Jan-2016Accounting and Financial Management for the Built EnvironmentAntoniades, H
14-Dec-2015Capital Gains Tax for Real Property: Why is this tax system so complicated?Antoniades, H
30-Nov-2015White Collar Crime Within Property Agents' Trust AccountsAntoniades, H
2-Nov-2015A Review of Training for Licensed Occupations in the New South Wales property services IndustryBatt, C; Antoniades, H; Rowe, T; Stowell, R
6-Jul-2015Why is it Necessary to Align Continuing Professional Development with Occupational Licensing?Antoniades, H; Gomez Chova, L; Lopez Martnez, A; Torres Candel, I