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2022-12-28Women's household decision-making power and contraceptive use in Mali.Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Armah-Ansah, EK; Dadzie, LK; Aboagye, RG; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Zegeye, B; Yaya, S
2022-11-24Intention to use contraceptives among married and cohabiting women in sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel analysis of cross-sectional data.Budu, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Salihu, T; Aboagye, RG; Yaya, S
2022-03-19Empirical linkages between female genital mutilation and multiple sexual partnership: evidence from the 2018 Mali and 2013 Sierra Leone Demographic and Health Surveys.Ahinkorah, BO; Hagan, JE; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2021-06-08What has comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge got to do with HIV testing among men in Kenya and Mozambique? Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys.Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-05-13Maternal healthcare utilsation and complete childhood vaccination in sub-Saharan Africa: a cross-sectional study of 29 nationally representative surveysBudu, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Aboagye, RG; Armah-Ansah, EK; Seidu, A-A; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2021-03-16Maternal healthcare utilization and full immunization coverage among 12–23 months children in Benin: a cross sectional study using population-based dataBudu, E; Seidu, A-A; Agbaglo, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Dickson, KS; Hormenu, T; Hagan, JE; Adu, C; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-03-06Factors Associated with Utilization of Postnatal Care Services in Mali, West AfricaAhinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2021-01-02Socio-economic and demographic factors associated with fertility preferences among women of reproductive age in Ghana: evidence from the 2014 Demographic and Health SurveyAhinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Ameyaw, EK; Budu, E; Yaya, S
2020-12-14Drivers of desire for more children among childbearing women in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for fertility control.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Budu, E; Ameyaw, EK; Agbaglo, E; Yaya, S
2020-12-07Proximate, intermediate, and distal predictors of under-five mortality in Chad: analysis of the 2014-15 Chad demographic and health survey data.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Armah-Ansah, EK; Agbaglo, E; Adu, C; Hagan, JE; Yaya, S
2020-07-23Female genital mutilation/cutting in Sierra Leone: are educated women intending to circumcise their daughters?Ameyaw, EK; Tetteh, JK; Armah-Ansah, EK; Aduo-Adjei, K; Sena-Iddrisu, A
2020-01Women's autonomy in healthcare decision-making and healthcare seeking behaviour for childhood illness in Ghana: Analysis of data from the 2014 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey.Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Sambah, F; Baatiema, L; Ahinkorah, BO
2020-01What has women's reproductive health decision-making capacity and other factors got to do with pregnancy termination in sub-Saharan Africa? evidence from 27 cross-sectional surveys.Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Ameyaw, EK; Hubert, A; Agbemavi, W; Armah-Ansah, EK; Budu, E; Sambah, F; Tackie, V