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2021-07-09Attitudes of Manufacturers, Law Enforcing Officers and Consumers on the Sri Lankan Labelling Regulations: A Qualitative studyHettiarachchi, C; Nandasena, S; Arnold, M
2019-11-01Progress in cancer survival, mortality, and incidence in seven high-income countries 1995–2014 (ICBP SURVMARK-2): a population-based studyArnold, M; Rutherford, MJ; Bardot, A; Ferlay, J; Andersson, TML; Myklebust, TÅ; Tervonen, H; Thursfield, V; Ransom, D; Shack, L; Woods, RR; Turner, D; Leonfellner, S; Ryan, S; Saint-Jacques, N; De, P; McClure, C; Ramanakumar, AV; Stuart-Panko, H; Engholm, G; Walsh, PM; Jackson, C; Vernon, S; Morgan, E; Gavin, A; Morrison, DS; Huws, DW; Porter, G; Butler, J; Bryant, H; Currow, DC; Hiom, S; Parkin, DM; Sasieni, P; Lambert, PC; Møller, B; Soerjomataram, I; Bray, F
2019-01-01Managing the consumption of death and digital media: The funeral director as market intermediaryvan Ryn, L; Meese, J; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T
2019-01-01Plasmonic platform based on nanoporous alumina membranes: order control via self-assemblyPrevidi, R; Levchenko, I; Arnold, M; Gali, M; Bazaka, K; Xu, S; Ostrikov, K; Bray, K; Jin, D; Fang, J
2018-01-01Design, control, and characterisation of switchable radiative coolingGentle, A; Tai, M; White, S; Arnold, M; Cortie, M; Smith, G
2018-01-01The social life of the dead and the leisured life of the living onlineKohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M; Meese, J; Nansen, B
2017-11-22Death and digital mediaArnold, M; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T; Meese, J; Nansen, B
2016-06-01Nanophotonics-enabled smart windows, buildings and wearablesSmith, G; Gentle, A; Arnold, M; Cortie, M
2015-12-22Plasmon resonances on opto-capacitive nanostructuresShahcheraghi, N; Dowd, AR; Arnold, M; Cortie, M
2015-06-06Dielectric function and its predicted effect on localized plasmon resonances of equiatomic Au-CuDe Silva, KSB; Gentle, A; Arnold, M; Keast, VJ; Cortie, MB
2015-01-01Optical properties of refractory TiN, AlN and (Ti,Al)N coatingsBilokur, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, M; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2015-01-01Posthumous personhood and the affordances of digital mediaMeese, J; Nansen, B; Kohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M
2015-01-01Entering the graveyard shift: Disassembling the australian TiVoMeese, J; Wilken, R; Nansen, B; Arnold, M
2015-01-01#Funeral and Instagram: death, social media, and platform vernacularGibbs, M; Meese, J; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Carter, M
2015-01-01Selfies at funerals: Mourning and presencing on social media platformsMeese, J; Gibbs, M; Carter, M; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Kohn, T
2010A review of the optical properties of alloys and intermetallics for plasmonicsBlaber, M; Arnold, M; Ford, M
2006-03-01Biaxial thin-film coated-plate polarizing beam splittersHodgkinson, I; Wu, QH; Arnold, M; De Suva, L; Beydaghyan, G; Kaminska, K; Robbie, K
2005-10-01Structurally perturbed chiral Bragg reflectors for elliptically polarized lightHodgkinson, I; Wu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, M; Lakhtakia, A; McCall, M
2005-07-01Natural and nanoengineered chiral reflectors: Structural color of manuka beetles and titania coatingsDe Silva, L; Hodgkinson, I; Murray, P; Wu, QIH; Arnold, M; Leader, J; Mcnaughton, A
2005-03-01Growth and characterisation of birefringent films on textured silicon substratesWalsby, ED; Arnold, M; Wu, QH; Hodgkinson, IJ; Blaikie, RJ