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2021-02Noise and pulse dynamics in backward stimulated Brillouin scattering.Nieves, OA; Arnold, MD; Steel, MJ; Schmidt, MK; Poulton, CG
2020-08-01Theory of Noise Dynamics in Backwards Stimulated Brillouin ScatteringNieves, OA; Arnold, MD; Steel, MJ; Schmidt, MK; Poulton, CG
2020-05-27Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbers based on Ta:SiO 2 Cermets for Next‐Generation Concentrated Solar–Thermal ApplicationsBilokur, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2020-05Atomic Scale Dynamics Drive Brain-like Avalanches in Percolating Nanostructured Networks.Pike, MD; Bose, SK; Mallinson, JB; Acharya, SK; Shirai, S; Galli, E; Weddell, SJ; Bones, PJ; Arnold, MD; Brown, SA
2020The Quest for Zero Loss: Unconventional Materials for Plasmonics.Cortie, MB; Arnold, MD; Keast, VJ
2019-10-28Effective transport properties of conformal Voronoi-bounded columns via recurrent boundary element expansionsArnold, MD
2019-09-15High temperature optically stable spectrally-selective Ti<inf>1-x</inf>Al<inf>x</inf>N-based multilayer coating for concentrated solar thermal applicationsBilokur, M; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2019-02-26Recurrent approach to effective material properties with application to anisotropic binarized random fieldsGalí, MA; Arnold, MD
2018-01-30Spontaneous growth of polarizing refractory metal 'nano-fins'Tai, MC; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2017-11-01Extending the applicability of the four-flux radiative transfer methodGali, MA; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Smith, GB
2017-10-01High Temperature Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbers Using Plasmonic AuAl2:AlN Nanoparticle CompositesBilokur, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2017-02-07Single-mode tuning of the plasmon resonance in high-density pillar arraysArnold, MD
2017-01-01Optical anisotropy due to perpendicular azimuth serial bidepositionTai, MC; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Smith, GB
2017The importance of surface finish to energy performanceSmith, GB; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Gali, MA; Cortie, MB
2016-08-12Anomalously strong plasmon resonances in aluminium bronze by modification of the electronic density-of-statesShahcheraghi, N; Keast, VJ; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2016-01-01Optical: In situ study of de-alloying kinetics in nanoporous gold spongesTai, MC; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2016-01-01Light-induced reflectivity transients in black-Si nanoneedlesŠčajev, P; Malinauskas, T; Seniutinas, G; Arnold, MD; Gentle, A; Aharonovich, I; Gervinskas, G; Michaux, P; Hartley, JS; Mayes, ELH; Stoddart, PR; Juodkazis, S
2015-11-26The effect of vacancies on the optical properties of AuAl<inf>2</inf>Keast, VJ; Wallace, JW; Wrightson, CJ; Tai, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2015-07-13Multipolar and dark-mode plasmon resonances on drilled silver nano-trianglesFletcher, G; Arnold, MD; Pedersen, T; Keast, VJ; Cortie, MB
2015-07-07Thermal stability of nanoporous raney gold catalystTai, MC; Gentle, A; de Silva, KSB; Arnold, MD; van der Lingen, E; Cortie, MB