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2022-03-02Dysregulation of Oxygen Sensing/Response Pathways in Pregnancies Complicated by Idiopathic Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Early-Onset Preeclampsia.McCracken, SA; Seeho, SKM; Carrodus, T; Park, JH; Woodland, N; Gallery, EDM; Morris, JM; Ashton, AW
2021-06-18Angiogenic regulatory influence of extracellular matrix deposited by resting state asthmatic and non‐asthmatic airway smooth muscle cells is similarFaiz, A; Harkness, LM; Tjin, G; Bernal, V; Horvatovich, P; James, A; Elliot, JG; Burgess, JK; Ashton, AW
2020-09Current challenges in three-dimensional bioprinting heart tissues for cardiac surgery.Roche, CD; Brereton, RJL; Ashton, AW; Jackson, C; Gentile, C
2018-05-01Unique mechanisms of connective tissue growth factor regulation in airway smooth muscle in asthma: Relationship with airway remodellingWang, J; Faiz, A; Ge, Q; Vermeulen, CJ; Van der Velden, J; Snibson, KJ; van de Velde, R; Sawant, S; Xenaki, D; Oliver, B; Timens, W; ten Hacken, N; van den Berge, M; James, A; Elliot, JG; Dong, L; Burgess, JK; Ashton, AW
2016-10-21Embryonic/fetal mortality and intrauterine growth restriction is not exclusive to the CBA/J sub-strain in the CBA × DBA model.McKelvey, KJ; Yenson, VM; Ashton, AW; Morris, JM; McCracken, SA
2016-07-01Role for the thromboxane A 2 receptor β-isoform in the pathogenesis of intrauterine growth restrictionPowell, KL; Stevens, V; Upton, DH; McCracken, SA; Simpson, AM; Cheng, Y; Tasevski, V; Morris, JM; Ashton, AW
2016-04-18NF-κB Regulation in T-cells in Pregnancy is Mediated via Fas/FasL Interactions: The Signal for which is Derived from Exosomes Present in Maternal PlasmaMcCracken, S; Hadfield, KA; Yenson, VM; Ariyakumar, G; McKelvey, KJ; Woodland, NB; Ashton, AW; Morris, JM
2012-11-01Source of angiopoietin-2 in the sera of women during pregnancyWoolnough, C; Wang, Y; Kan, CY; Morris, JM; Tasevski, V; Ashton, AW