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20-Oct-2018Mechanical and flexural performance of synthetic fibre reinforced geopolymer concreteNoushini, A; Hastings, M; Castel, A; Aslani, F
2014Experimental and numerical study of time-dependent behaviour of reinforced self-compacting concrete slabsAslani, F
10-Dec-2013Predicting the bond between concrete and reinforcing steel at elevated temperaturesAslani, F; Samali, B
1-Oct-2013Creep and Shrinkage of Self-Compacting Concrete with and without FibersAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Sep-2013Creep and shrinkage of high-strength self-compacting concrete: Experimental and analytical analysisAslani, F; Maia, L
12-Aug-2013Comparison of the analytical models to determine modulus of rupture of self-compacting concrete and conventional concreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Aug-2013Effects of specimen size and shape on compressive and tensile strengths of selfcompacting concrete with or without fibresAslani, F
8-Jul-2013Self-compacting concrete incorporating steel and polypropylene fibers: Compressive and tensile strengths, moduli of elasticity and rupture, compressive stress-strain curve, and energy dissipated under compressionAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-May-2013Mechanical characteristics of self-compacting concrete with and without fibresAslani, F; Nejadi, S
25-Apr-2013Stress-strain relationships for steel fiber reinforced selfcompacting concreteAslani, F; Natoori, M
Jan-2013Prestressed Concrete Thermal BehaviourAslani, F
1-Dec-2012Bond behavior of reinforcement in conventional and self-compacting concreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Nov-2012Mechanical properties of conventional and self-compacting concrete: An analytical studyAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Aug-2012Stress-strain model for concrete under cyclic loadingAslani, F; Jowkarmeimandi, R
1-Jul-2012Bond characteristics of steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Jun-2012Shrinkage behavior of self-compacting concreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
13-Feb-2012Cyclic constitutive model for high-strength concrete confined by ultra-high-strength and normal-strength transverse reinforcementsAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Jan-2012Bond characteristics of steel fiber and deformed reinforcing steel bar embedded in steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete (SFRSCC)Aslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2012Bond Constitutive Relationship for Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S; Cairns, JW; Metelli, G; Plizzari, GA
Jan-2012Creep and Shrinkage Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) Analytical ModelsAslani, F; Nejadi, S