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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2009Development of the self-regulated learning teacher belief scaleLombaerts, K; De Backer, F; Engels, N; Van Braak, J; Athanasou, J
Jan-2007Assessment Of Children's And Adolescent's Career DevelopmentAthanasou, J; Skorikov, VB; Patton, W
Jan-2007The vicissitudes of life: some effects of injuries on career developmentAthanasou, J
Jan-2006An evaluation of a formal professional examination in adult continuing educationAthanasou, J
Jan-2006The career interest test - a brief, standardized assessment of interests for use in educational and vocational guidanceAthanasou, J
1-Jan-2005Testing a Model of Domain Learning in music therapyLangan, D; Athanasou, J
Jan-2005Personal ways of construing others: an application of personal construct theory methodology in drug abuse and alcoholismKirkcaldy, BD; Potter, S; Athanasou, J; Smith, MN
Jan-2005Self-evaluations in adult education and trainingAthanasou, J
Jan-2005Technical and further education in Australia: 1981 - 2004Athanasou, J
Jan-2005Can we use Rasch measurement in vocational education and training classrooms?Athanasou, J; Lamprianou, I; Agho, KE; Beven, F
Jan-2005Self-assessments of vocational skills in post-compulsory education and trainingAthanasou, J; Beven, F
Jan-2005Judgements as a basis for informal workplace learning - preliminary research findingsJohnsson, MC; Athanasou, J; Hager, P; Hager, P; Hawke, G
Jan-2005Return to work following whiplash and back injury: a review and evaluationAthanasou, J
Jan-2004A judgement-based framework for analysing adult job choicesAthanasou, J
Jan-2003Factors influencing job choiceAthanasou, J
Jan-2003Acquired brain injury and return to work in AustraliaAthanasou, J
Jan-2002Career development in the Pacific islands: Key issues influencing educational and vocational achievementAthanasou, J; Torrance, J
Jan-2002Employment outcomes from vocational education: A study of business management technicians in the Republic of TrinidadMcDonald, B; Athanasou, J
Jan-2002The role of contextual factors in judgements: Implications for research into adult learningAthanasou, J
Jan-2002A comparison of video recall responses between music therapy, music, and other therapy studentsLangan, DA; Athanasou, J