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2023-12Helping patient educators meet health literacy needs: End-user testing and iterative development of an innovative health literacy editing tool.Ayre, J; Muscat, DM; Mac, O; Bonner, C; Dunn, AG; Dalmazzo, J; Mouwad, D; McCaffery, K
2023-08-01Systematic review of health literacy champions: who, what and how?Ayre, J; Zhang, M; Mouwad, D; Zachariah, D; McCaffery, KJ; Muscat, DM
2023-07Physiotherapists should apply health coaching techniques and incorporate accountability to foster adherence to a walking program for low back pain: a qualitative study.Pocovi, NC; Ayre, J; French, SD; Lin, C-WC; Tiedemann, A; Maher, CG; Merom, D; McCaffrey, K; Hancock, MJ
2023-06-29Addressing Behavioral Barriers to COVID-19 Testing With Health Literacy-Sensitive eHealth Interventions: Results From 2 National Surveys and 2 Randomized Experiments.Bonner, C; Batcup, C; Cvejic, E; Ayre, J; Pickles, K; Copp, T; Cornell, S; Nickel, B; Dhahir, M; McCaffery, K
2023-04-29Integrating consumer perspectives into a large-scale health literacy audit of health information materials: learnings and next steps.Ayre, J; Bonner, C; Gonzalez, J; Vaccaro, T; Cousins, M; McCaffery, K; Muscat, DM
2023-04-01COVID-19 messages targeting young people on social media: content analysis of Australian health authority posts.Taba, M; Ayre, J; Freeman, B; McCaffery, K; Bonner, C
2023-02-14Multiple Automated Health Literacy Assessments of Written Health Information: Development of the SHeLL (Sydney Health Literacy Lab) Health Literacy Editor v1.Ayre, J; Bonner, C; Muscat, DM; Dunn, AG; Harrison, E; Dalmazzo, J; Mouwad, D; Aslani, P; Shepherd, HL; McCaffery, KJ
2022-12-01COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Willingness: Cross-Sectional Survey in a Culturally Diverse Community in Sydney, AustraliaAyre, J; Muscat, DM; Mac, O; Batcup, C; Cvejic, E; Pickles, K; Dolan, H; Bonner, C; Mouwad, D; Zachariah, D; Turalic, U; Santalucia, Y; Chen, T; Vasic, G; McCaffery, K
2022-08-01Unique considerations for exercise programs to prevent future low back pain: the patient perspective.Ayre, J; Jenkins, H; McCaffery, KJ; Maher, CG; Hancock, MJ
2022-08Question prompt lists and endorsement of question-asking support patients to get the information they seek-A longitudinal qualitative study.Tracy, M; Ayre, J; Mac, O; Copp, T; Trevena, EL; Shepherd, H
2022-07-19Physiotherapists have some hesitations and unmet needs regarding delivery of exercise programs for low back pain prevention in adults: A qualitative interview study.Ayre, J; Jenkins, H; McCaffery, KJ; Maher, CG; Hancock, MJ
2022-07-03Addressing the Health Literacy Needs and Experiences of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations in Australia during COVID-19: A Research Embedded Participatory Approach.Zachariah, D; Mouwad, D; Muscat, DM; Ayre, J; Nutbeam, D; McCaffery, KJ
2022-06Seeking a deeper understanding of 'distributed health literacy': A systematic review.Muscat, DM; Gessler, D; Ayre, J; Norgaard, O; Heuck, IR; Haar, S; Maindal, HT
2022-05-10Psychological, social and financial impacts of COVID-19 on culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Sydney, Australia.Muscat, DM; Ayre, J; Mac, O; Batcup, C; Cvejic, E; Pickles, K; Dolan, H; Bonner, C; Mouwad, D; Zachariah, D; Turalic, U; Santalucia, Y; Chen, T; Vasic, G; McCaffery, KJ
2022-01-01Positive outcomes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.Cornell, S; Nickel, B; Cvejic, E; Bonner, C; McCaffery, KJ; Ayre, J; Copp, T; Batcup, C; Isautier, J; Dakin, T; Dodd, R
2022-01Research Note: Thematic analysis in qualitative research.Ayre, J; McCaffery, KJ
2022Collateral positives of COVID-19 for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Western Sydney, Australia.Cornell, S; Ayre, J; Mac, O; Kapoor, R; Pickles, K; Batcup, C; Dolan, H; Bonner, C; Cvejic, E; Mouwad, D; Zacharia, D; Tularic, U; Santalucia, Y; Chen, TT; Basic, G; McCaffery, K; Muscat, D
2021-12Impact of diagnostic labels and causal explanations for weight gain on diet intentions, cognitions and emotions: An experimental online study.Smith, J; Ayre, J; Jansen, J; Cvejic, E; McCaffery, KJ; Doust, J; Copp, T
2021-10-07The impact of health literacy-sensitive design and heart age in a cardiovascular disease prevention decision aid: randomised controlled trial and end user testing (Preprint)Bonner, C; Batcup, C; Ayre, J; Cvejic, E; Trevena, L; Doust, J
2021-09-30COVID-19 challenges faced by general practitioners in Australia: a survey study conducted in March 2021.Copp, T; Isautier, JMJ; Nickel, B; Pickles, K; Tracy, M; Doust, J; Bonner, C; Dodd, RH; Ayre, J; Cvejic, E; Trevena, L; Manocha, R; McCaffery, KJ