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2021-03-01Physical and hybrid modelling techniques for earth-air heat exchangers in reducing building energy consumption: Performance, applications, progress, and challengesAhmed, SF; Liu, G; Mofijur, M; Azad, AK; Hazrat, MA; Chu, Y-M
2020-12-18A Mini Review on the Cold Flow Properties of Biodiesel and its BlendsHazrat, MA; Rasul, MG; Mofijur, M; Khan, MMK; Djavanroodi, F; Azad, AK; Bhuiya, MMK; Silitonga, AS
2019-02-01Elemental, morphological and thermal analysis of mixed microalgae species from drain waterHossain, N; Zaini, J; Mahlia, TMI; Azad, AK
2018-02-01Potential thermochemical conversion of bioenergy from Acacia species in Brunei Darussalam: A reviewAhmed, A; Abu Bakar, MS; Azad, AK; Sukri, RS; Mahlia, TMI
2017-10Effect of small proportion of butanol additive on the performance, emission, and combustion of Australian native first- and second-generation biodiesel in a diesel engine.Rahman, MM; Rasul, MG; Hassan, NMS; Azad, AK; Uddin, MN
2017-01-01Secure data sharing and searching at the edge of cloud-assisted internet of thingsMollah, MB; Azad, AK; Vasilakos, A
2016-08-01Prospects, feedstocks and challenges of biodiesel production from beauty leaf oil and castor oil: A nonedible oil sources in AustraliaAzad, AK; Rasul, MG; Khan, MMK; Sharma, SC; Mofijur, M; Bhuiya, MMK
2016-01-15Role of biofuel and their binary (diesel-biodiesel) and ternary (ethanol-biodiesel-diesel) blends on internal combustion engines emission reductionMofijur, M; Rasul, MG; Hyde, J; Azad, AK; Mamat, R; Bhuiya, MMK
2016-01-01A review on socio-economic aspects of sustainable BiofuelsAzad, AK; Rasul, MG; Khan, MMK; Sharma, SC; Bhuiya, MMK; Mofijur, M