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2022-01-07Managing COVID Policy Uncertainty: A Behavioural Macroeconomic ModelBaddeley, M
2022-01-06Shortened Lives, Cognitive Functioning and Social Preferences: Experimental Evidence from a Study of Huntington's DiseaseBaddeley, M; Mason, S; Kuan, W-L; Barker, R
2021-12Did our pharmacological strategy for COVID-19 fail?Martin, JH; Baddeley, M; Head, R
2021-11Performance-based incentives and community health workers' outputs, a systematic review.Gadsden, T; Mabunda, SA; Palagyi, A; Maharani, A; Sujarwoto, S; Baddeley, M; Jan, S
2020-12-29COVID-19 2020: A year of living dangerouslyBaddeley, M
2020-06-17Hoarding in the age of COVID-19Baddeley, M
2020-01-01Attributes Affecting User Decision to Adopt a Virtual Private Network (VPN) AppSombatruang, N; Omiya, T; Miyamoto, D; Sasse, MA; Kadobayashi, Y; Baddeley, M
2019-06-01Addressing self-disconnection among prepayment energy consumers: A behavioural approachRocha, M; Baddeley, M; Pollitt, M; Weeks, M
2019-05-15Factors influencing users to use unsecured wi-fi networks: Evidence in the wildSombatruang, N; Onwuzurike, L; Sasse, MA; Baddeley, M
2019Behavioural Economics and FinanceBaddeley, M
2018-01-01Copycats and contrarians: Why we follow others… and when we don'tBaddeley, M
2017-01Behavioural Economics: A Very Short IntroductionBaddeley, M
2010-06-01Striatal BOLD response reflects the impact of herd information on financial decisionsBurke, CJ; Tobler, PN; Schultz, W; Baddeley, M
-Behavioural Macroeconomic Policy: New perspectives on time inconsistencyBaddeley, M